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Kalye Decks  Handmade wooden miniature skateboards from Oceanside California and influenced by the street culture in the Philippines | Estd. 2016


Quick update! If you guys loved our old shape, and our latest bullet shape this might be one you'll love the most! We combined both the older cut and the newer cut. The nose is or original nose when we stared Kalye! Somewhat square. The tail is from the last boards we released "Spray Logo decks" now our boards are 33 x 97! The hotel Kalye will have this shape keep an eye out! #fingerboard #fingerboarding #kalyedecks

Finally made another Kalye for me, upcoming graphic by @chubymuffinfb sister! The new shape is feeling super good, oh and Hotel Kalye....tonight! #kalyedecks #fingerboard #fingerboarding #dynamictrucks #joycult

Tonight you are invited. Hotel Kalye closed down in 1935 from a power outage that occurred one night and the authority found one body in the scene. Since then, Hotel Kalye was rumored to be haunted. Rumors said Hotel Kalye had a hidden basement. In October 1935, a man was trying to revive his wife that just died from a rare blood disease. He used the hotel's energy source in an attempt to bring his wife back. Unfortunately, that did not work and the electricity ended up killing the man. Hotel Kalye was abandoned because the energy source or the electricity never came back and later that night there was a dead body found, it was the man's. There were reports of seeing a strange woman roaming around the hotel back in 1935 after Hotel Kalye was abandoned. Who could that be? Hotel Kalye reopens tonight and people will have a chance to check-in and unravel the mystery of the most haunted hotel in the Philippines! #kalyedecks #halloween #hotelkalye #fingerboard #fingerboarding

Follow our rider! @mgc.fb here's a few tricks from him!!!

Check out @_stacked clean setup, plot twist it's a Kalye split underneath! Please go follow our good friend over at @_stacked 😎💪🏼

LINK IN BIO LINK IN BIO Keeping it clean a contest hosted by @socalg8sessions 45 second run on the g8! Please check everyone's run! Vote for me if you dig my run if not vote for Scott because I like his run hahaha!

Waiting for your homie to land his trick....then lands it haha!

Happy 8k! I still haven't done the 7k Q AND A but keep the Q AND A COMING! COMMENT DOWN BELOW! Also we have a new rider added! Guess who! 🤔

Happy Monday ShredHeads and DisneyHeads,here's a shot of @egor_1904 Kalye deck with 1904 x Disney graphic! Please follow him he runs 1904 fingerboards straight from SD! What do you guys think about this graphic? COMMENT DOWN BELOW WE MIGHT GIVE A FREE ONE TO A COMMENT WE LIKE!

Fakie FS flip #kalyedecks #fingerboard

The deck I was shaping when I cut my finger.

Good Morning California!

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