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Kalisa Augustine  Vibe Doctor. Crystal Bed Therapy = Energetic Curation Via Vibrational Therapies + Modern Shamanism + Intuitive Counsel/ Writer/ Creator @sacredswagger


How do you become open to taking on energy blockages that are not yours? Meaning--taking into your field external sources of energy that can act like a foreign body, disrupting your vibe? Well, many ways: losing consciousness, anesthesia or surgery, accidents, sex (especially sex with addicts of any kind), recreational drug use, feeding your own addictions, black outs, out of body experiences (joy or pain), trying to help souls cross over, prolonged periods of stress or isolation, unhealthy boundaries, devaluing your energy through behavior patterns, contemplating suicide, having openings in your energy field from unhealed trauma, having an intention/curiosity to invite or interact with otherworldly energy without discernment, or education around what you are interacting with, consistent lower emotions or mental patterns, unbalanced lifestyle, hanging out in stress filled environments or places with negative vibes. Hey, it happens. It can cause insomnia, under-eating, over-eating, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, lack of clarity, sadness, irritability, stomach pains, clinched jaw, headaches, a feeling of heaviness.
Luckily I can clean it up. No matter where you live. I work in person or via skype. #crystalbedtherapy #crystals #crystal #healing #energy #energyhealing #balance #holistic #empowerment #education #love #chakra #yoga #meditation #moon #goddess #mystic #spirit #spiritual #intuitive #alchemy #shaman

Impermanence is the nature of our exoteric reality. But, that which transcends this law is eternal. This world is filled with eternal truth. Look deeper. #quote #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotestagram #word #words #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #energy #healing #crystals #crystal #light #sound #color #vibes #goodvibes #peoplescreatives #nextlevel #instagood #empower #energyhealing #chakra #yoga #crystalbedtherapy

It is was my grandmother's hat. I took care of her full time as she developed Alzheimers prior to her death. I wondered about what was happening to her soul with this condition. She would speak gibberish, not knowing what a fork was, how to shower-then look at my eyes and speak powerful words of wisdom. She would tell me ab/conversations she was having with deceased family members, as if they were alive and right there next to her. She spoke of a lost love from her early 20s. She married my grandfather instead, and yet it was someone else she spoke of entering phases of death. It made me think deeply about my choices, how I treat people I value. When you love someone, just fucking tell them. If they are worth it, make sure they know. I think about how checked out she was as a woman raising babies on the 50s, if she enjoyed being a mother or if she would have rather been an artist or travelled. My own mother has indicated she wasn't very present. On my father's side, my grandmother could have been called crazy. Yet she was a dead poor Mexican in an abusive relationship with five children in the south where racism was rampant. Would I have gone crazy? Probably. Would I have been checked out? Likely. Thinking today about my female lineage, all the wisdom inherited through my DNA. My great grandmother was the first model, ever in Houston in the 1920's when they used to walk through department stores. And her mother had taken the kids in the middle of the night to escape an abusive, alcoholic husband out in west Texas. She became a nurse when it was very rare for a woman to be educated and set herself up in Houston. I think about bravery in my blood. Mexican mystics. Viking warriors. We have come so far, but there is still so far to go. As a younger girl I internalized patriarchial structures as norm. I honor the lineages of females paving way for my empowerment. May there only be possibility for our daughters. Helena will only tolerate men who value, respect her. She will not have to learn this as an adult, and spend golden years undoing damage. We break the chains. Our generation. It is an honor and privilege to do so. Your standing tall shapes humanity, you see?

It is extremely rad to come in person to get a Crystal Bed Therapy session with me. It's a multi-sensual, meditative cleansing experience. I absolutely love working with this installation of vibrational therapies. But honestly, you DO NOT have to he in New York to work with me, no not at all. I do energy clearings and sessions via facetime or skype with people from LA to London to Greece. The truth is energy knows no bounds, the deep spiritual meat of my work can be done near or far, whether you are sitting with me or not. My remote clients have reported very powerful shifts and experiences. So if you have been interested in working with me but don't live in NYC, try a remote energy session. I even have people who live in Manhattan who want clearing but can't get to Bk that day, book remote sessions. I am here to help you vibe high. Bless all. Check out my wrbsite to book your next remote energy session. (Rp from total babe @mad_juice ) #crystalbedtherapy #spiritual #spirit #peoplescreatives #healing #meditation #crystal #crystals #freespirit #beauty #instagood #instalike #instadaily #feel #sound #color #energy #vibes #goodvibes #nyc #wellness #power #holistic #energyhealing #inspiration #authentic #liveauthentic #chakra #yoga #happy

New Blog "... I no longer tolerate...Voices making noises without a foundation of substance. Engaging or responding to those who will not broaden the scope of my soul's horizons. I do not judge, but there is no longer time or tolerance for any force that is not aligned with utmost purity. I count on my hand those who truly feed my soul. I no longer engage if it feels forced, or like work.
Yes. Oh yes, I understand what I will do for you. But what will you add to my vibration? This is the question around equal energy exchange in our relationships, personal or work related. Friends, it is unreasonable for others to expect to have access to your light if they are not on a level that nourishes you. Do not tolerate anything less. 
I do not care to play superficial games in my personal life, or for the sake of work, or marketing.
I do not ascribe to the belief that one must be an influencer, win a popularity contest or have high instagram following to get a book deal, sell the painting, be an artist or have legitimacy or credibility.
This is the death of craft and art. If we continue to move in this vein we will lose as a humanity. The false power is now comical. Leave it behind. There will be a backlash. I no longer have time or patience to compare myself to others, friends, family, strangers on the internet, or people in my industry. This is pointless, weak, and you miss your life doing this.  Moreover, it is exhausting and sucks your energy clean. Every breath I take is precious. My time on this Earth is precious. I will only breath in beauty and divinity. I no longer tolerate anything that distracts me from this gratitude. I am obligated to no one, to nothing but Spirit. God. And what is God but creative energy? If you've outgrown people, let them go with love. If you've outgrown context, jobs, cities, or the illusory gridwork of materiality created out of a past paradigm structure, by God let it shatter..." Read the rest on my site. Link in bio. #quote #quotes #voice #write #blog #blogger #word #words #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #energy #healing #crystals #crystal #light #sound #color #power #creativity #truth

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