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Kalisa Augustine  Vibe Maestro. Conscious Creative. Crystal Dealer. Modern Transcendentalist. Energy Healing: Near+Far. Writer: Human Evolution. Shop Coming Soon.


RIP πŸ™. Thank you for your lyrical depth. #mobbdeep When you are one who actively chooses to create an alliance with your physical body, integrating mind and spirit into the presence of being, it shows courage. You are choosing to be here. You are unafraid of yourself. You begin to notice those around you who engage in self abuse. You begin to realize that hurt people, hurt people. And it is not your responsibility to internalize the wounds of others. When we know what we are about, definitely and clearly, it's much easier to discern what energies are aloud in our sphere, and what is not. Who you choose to engage with, who you choose as a partner, speaks volumes about you. You are a combination of the 5 people you spend the most time with. It is your highest self, who will make manifest your highest dreams. I don't care how much you've accomplished, or how much money you have. If you are abusing yourself, there is much more to explore. Realms. And there is only so much you can achieve spiritually, creatively, internally, without understanding that the physical is your manifestation temple. It is the channel. And it is precious. quote #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotestagram #word #words #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby #spirit #spiritual #spirituality #energy #healing #crystals #crystal #light #sound #color #vibes #goodvibes #peoplescreatives #nextlevel #instagood #empower

"When work is done as sacred work, unselfishly, with a peaceful mind, without lust or hate, with no desire for reward, then the work is pure." - Bhagavad Gita 18:23. Long live the purist. #grace #pure #purity #work #beauty #spirit #spiritual #yoga #wellness #crystals #crystal #freespirit #crystalbedtherapy #quote #quotes #quotestoliveby #words #wordsofwisdom #ocean #photography #sunset #water #instagood #instadaily #bhagavadgita #love #peoplescreatives #philosophy

Anything you do over and over, can be come stale. Context is everything. What scares you might not scare me, and vice versa. There are a lot of definitions of bravery. To me, it is moving forward through fears, and resistance when you know deep down it's the right action or move, despite anyone else's opinion. Is it courageous to do what you've always done? Not really. Just bc a pattern has become familiar, or crystallized, doesn't mean it will suit next levels of evolution. When you are spiritually sophisticated, guess what else is sophisticated? Your ego, it's guards & walls. So, you must be emotionally/intellectually sophisticated enough to call your own bullshit, and challenge yourself where you hold resistance. No matter what the life story or pattern is, it is unwise to attach to it or internalize it. Watch for that. You see, when a pattern crystallizes for too long, we run the risk of becoming the pattern instead of empowering our inner flame to create new ones as we move and dance through life's evolution. That can stifle one's sense of freedom and offer a false sense of identity, keep you inside your own crystallization chamber, so to speak. Next levels always require breakthroughs. And that's what makes life so interesting, rich, and expansive. You are more than what you do, more what you experience. I think we are all so much more than we can possibly fathom with our little brains that we barely use. When we stay open and flexible, we allow space to continuously discover what that "much more" really is. #crystalbedtherapy #spiritual #spirit #peoplescreatives #healing #meditation #crystal #crystals #freespirit #beauty #instagood #instalike #instadaily #feel #sound #color #energy #vibes #goodvibes #nyc #wellness #power #holistic #energyhealing #inspiration #authentic #liveauthentic #chakra #yoga #happy

"The Transmuting Ether Concept: Subquantum kinetics is a unified field theory...It conceives subatomic particles to be Turing wave patterns that self-organize within a subquantum medium that functions as an open reaction-diffusion system. This medium, termed the transmuting ether, like the Akashic field, forms the substrate from which all physical form in our universe emerge. This ether, which requires more than three dimensions for its description, differs from 19th century mechanical ethers in that it is continually active, its multifarious components transmuting, reacting among themselves, and diffusing through space, these interweaving processes binding the ether into an organic unity. Subquantum kinetics presents a substantially different paradigm from that of standard physics which views particles as closed systems. Whether these be subatomic particles bound together by force fields, or quarks bound together by gluons, physics has traditionally conceived nature at its most basic level to be composed of immutable structures. Unlike living systems which require a continuous flux of energy and matter with their environment to sustain their forms, conventional physics has viewed particles as self-sufficient entities, that require no interaction with their environment in order to continue their existence. Thus classical field theory leads to a conception of space which Alfred North Whitehead has criticized as being one of mere simple location... Whitehead instead advocated a conception of space manifesting prehensive unification, where separate objects can be "together in space and together in time even if they be not contemporaneous." The ether (or Akasha) of subquantum kinetics fulfills Whitehead's conception...it is precisely because of its nonlinear, reactive, and interactive aspect that the transmuting ether of subquantum kinetics is able to spawn subatomic particles and photons... In the context of subquantum kinetics, the very existence of the physical world we see around us is evidence of the dynamic organic unity that operates in the universal substratum below, imperceptible...and out of reach of direct detection by the most sophisticated instruments"

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