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Kali Hawk  😎Actress. Kahlua in 'Bridesmaids', Hannah in 'Fifty Shades of Black', Trudy in 'Couples Retreat', Shelby on 'New Girl' and more...🎬✨💋

😩I wish I could make #JamesBaldwin my #MCM every week. He spoke in such an elegant manner about the #horror of the world. His #voice affects a kind of hopefulness about the #future also, 💓like he believed things could get better even as he stated with such #passion the #truth of what he felt was wrong at the time. 💃🏽The timelessness of his work as a #writer and #activist (although he didn't consider himself to be such) is super apparent in the fact that what he's saying in the first 3 clips could apply to anyone today. His #focus at the time was on the experience of the "Negro" 😯but in 2018 people of any #race can identify with the #idea that their lives have been reduced to working hard and getting little in return. 🤢Or the feeling of being lied to by #history books 🙊📚 Baldwin taps into the very #universal feelings that #human exploitation and #disillusionment conjure up for all of us, and it is for this reason that James Baldwin is considered a writer for the ages. 🔖To #quote Time #magazine (which featured Baldwin in 1963): "There is not another writer, who expresses with such poignancy and abrasiveness the dark realities of the racial ferment in North and South." In 1965 at The #Cambridge Union in the UK, Baldwin participated in a debate with William F. Buckley, on the topic of whether the #AmericanDream has adversely affected African Americans. 🙄How that would even be up for #debate I don't know, but the spectating #student body voted overwhelmingly in Baldwin's favor. The last 3 clips🎥 are from the final years of his life in which he asserted (re: the state of the world) that "we have to find a way to get beyond our crippling habits" 😯and I believe the world is finally waking up to this now. It's been 30years since James Baldwin's #death and though the #progress he hoped for has been slow-moving 🙏🏽it may now be on the way. Fingers crossed... #BHM #BlackHistoryMonth

😎PART 7: I began this series of posts to answer @DamarisLewis who asked "so how did we end up with things the way they are now?" (😯after hearing me go on about the illustrious #BlackHistory in the time before race existed). Basically, things are the way they are presently because the concept of "whiteness" was created, and the illusion of #race was introduced about 400 years ago with the sole purpose of streamlining the exploitation of people worldwide. 📺The #media presently plays a huge part in this by promoting stories that perpetuate ideas of "whiteness" and race-baiting rhetoric. 🤔But, considering that "white" was a term invented in the 1600s and later used by #wealthy colonials for the sole purpose of inflating certain people's egos enough that they would no longer question the uneven distribution of #wealth in the colonies 💸 (*AND stop banding together with other poor people to rebel against oppression) 👀it doesn't seem like a privilege, it seems like a con. 😯Imagine there are 3 guys facing 100 #gold coins. One guy grabs 99 coins and says to the remaining 2 guys 🗣"Watch out! He's gonna take your coin!" 👊🏼When the two guys get so invested in making sure the other one doesn't take "their" coin, they TOTALLY miss the #fact that the 1 guy has run off with the other NINETY-NINE coins 💰🏃🏽😩That's #racism in a nutshell. It is a zero sum game, hypocritical to it's core. Example: In #DNA tests #Mexicans are more than 50% #European 📊🤔so technically they are "white" 🤔🤔🤔 so... where TF are their white privileges?! Nevermind 🙈 Ultimately, after all the research, I'm left the same in that I don't subscribe to divisive #racist attitudes (whether others do or not), and I continue to celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth mainly for the men and women who sought to transcend the limitations of race to become exemplars of human triumph. 💪🏽 So now, let the celebrations commence! 🌟💋

😎PART 6: Apparently there actually WAS a time when #poor people formed a #united front 👥 in #rebellion against the #wealthy "elite" members of the #UpperClass that were oppressing them. 🙇🏻At this point, if you've watched the previous clips, you know that when #America began there wasn't #slavery here. Most of the Blacks were here as Indentured Servants, just like the #Irish and #Scottish and other non-British people who wanted to reside in "The New World" that America promised to be. Now, 😯slavery DID exist in different parts of the world. 🙄Sadly, the notion of people enslaving one another plagues Human #History ⛓since almost the beginning of time. But slavery didn't become an institutional system until 😱about the same time "whiteness" was established in America. If you saw #GangsOfNewYork 👨🏻then you already know that the Irish, Italian, and other non-British #European #immigrants were not seen as white then. 🤔Actually the term "white" wasn't fully in use as a classifier then, but let's just say those #immigrant groups were unilaterally looked down upon by the elite group that would later call themselves "white" and invite others to join their "special" group by offering the #ILLUSION of superiority over "lesser" groups (👀while still remaining 2nd class #citizens tho). The Irish 🍀who were once indentured servants just like the Blacks, would be invited to become #overseer in the newly implemented system of slavery 🐎 and would get to feel the illusion of power over the slaves 💪🏽 all the while blinded from the fact that they themselves remained #poor 💸💸 Eventually "overseer" would evolve into #police officer, but the system of financial #oppression remains the same. 👮🏻#Cops don't get paid very much, but there is the illusion of #power and the uniforms 🎽are a nice consolation prize for the #danger they are forced to face daily🔫 to enforce oppressive ordinances for little to no #money right? The term "white" became synonymous w/ #privilege 🤔and yet being classified as white didn't seem to grant privileges to everybody in the group. But 😬were people so #happy to be counted as "white" they didn't realize? To be continued in Part 7...

😎PART 5: #DivideAndConquer 😕It's the oldest #trick in the book and yet people continue to fall for it. But it's understandable in a way. 🤷🏽‍♀️If you are told you are special, and invited into a #special group I can see that feeling good. 😯It's only when you start believing you are superior to others that you become ripe for #manipulation and that is the main problem w/ #society as a whole. 💃🏽People are so distracted by the #marketing of #race and the divisive ideas of #superiority and perceived #dominance that many don't even realize they are oppressed. 🤔What #TimWise seems to be saying is that even "white" people are oppressed by "this invention called whiteness" because it blinds them to the obviousness of the #truth that: 🤖They're proudly enrolled in a #system that doesn't fully #benefit them either. 😰But why TF invent "whiteness" if not to benefit "white" people??? Who DOES it benefit then?! *To be continued in Part 6...

😎PART 4: #Billionaires seem to be a dime a dozen these days. We're always hearing about them 🤔and when I'd hear about "The 1%" I used to think that's the group to whom that title refers. One of my #wealthy pals politely informed me: 👱🏽"Oh no, Kali, billionaires are in the .001% of the population. To be in the 1% you only need a #NetWorth of a couple hundred thousand dollars a year." 🙊This was not very good news, because if making a few hundred thousand puts u in the top 1% of the population then 👀HOW LITTLE MUST THE OTHER 99% OF THE PEOPLE BE MAKING??? 😰This was devastating for me to think about because that is WAY MORE #poor people than I even thought possible. 👺Suddenly everywhere I went I noticed more and more people working hard, still not really having anything, yet SUPER committed to holding on to oppressive ideas of #race 😕all the while not realizing they themselves are OPPRESSED BY THE IDEA OF RACE. That's "white" people, and "black" people, and "Latinos" (🙄who came up with that?!) all of these "groups" are STRUGGLING in #poverty but so busy arguing about some made up classifier that they don't even notice they're all united by their lack of financial #freedom 😯And because "whites" make up most of the population that means they also make up a HUGE chunk of that broke 99%! Think about this: 🙇🏻when have you seen a picture of the #KKK where the members don't look poor & dusty? They're always standing in the dirt 🙈 #angry at some Black people, talking about #WhitePower but 🔮🙋🏽where's their powers? If being "white" means something #special then why are so many white people just as poor as everybody else? *To be continued in Part 5...

😎PART 3: Continuing w/ my previous post which discussed what #JesseWilliams referred to as "this invention called whiteness" in his now #famous #BETawards speech 🤔I thought it would be helpful to provide a little #backstory to answer the question: WHO INVENTED WHITENESS? Apparently, 👦🏻Tim Wise has thought a lot about this question so I'll be posting some more clips from him. Being a "white" male I thought I'd let him chime in on the #invention of whiteness 🤓this way no one can comment that my posts are biased in any way. 🙋🏽The only thing I will add to what he says in the clip is that "whiteness" had first been put to use in #Spain in the early 1600s, and like in #America it was used more as a tool of #classism 💸But just like in my last post, #rich darker people (🙇🏻yes, there were #wealthy dark people all over #Europe and everywhere else. 🙄Everyone was not a slave...) they had the chance to purchase white privileges, and they bought so many tickets to whiteness 🎟that Spain abolished the sale! 😆This is truly #ironic when you consider that non-white #Moors (think traveling🌍helpful #African geniuses 👦🏿✈️📐🔭) had once ruled Spain and #Portugal and given them their most flourishing #creative and #artistic periods IN THEIR ENTIRE #HISTORY ☕️🐸But let me not get into how the Moors traveled the world PEACEFULLY helping and working TOGETHER with all kinds of people. Back to our topic: 🙋🏽"WHO TF INVENTED WHITENESS??!" *To be continued... in Part 4.

PART 2: 🙇🏻By now the #JesseWilliams speech at the #BETawards is practically considered #RequiredReading among #intellectuals 🤔and yet no one has chosen to dig deeper into "this invention called whiteness" he mentions in the speech. Many people were quick to dismiss his speech as #racist 😯but he never makes an attack on white PEOPLE, it's "whiteness" that seems to be the issue. 🙆🏽Which brings me to the little darling featured in this post. Her name is #SarahRector 👧🏿and for the first 8years of her life she was a newly freed slave living on an #Indian reservation, and considered VERY MUCH Black. Until the #DawesAct gave all #Indians and their freed slaves plots of land, and hers turned her into a #MILLIONAIRE OVERNIGHT💰💸😂💸💰😭 🏛The government had given her the crappiest land too, or so they thought until #oil was discovered on her land and she began leasing to #StandardOilTrust **infamously founded by John D. #Rockefeller 👴🏼). 🙈The moment she became #rich however, her "Blackness" was an issue because people thought "you're too rich to be Black 👀 and ride on the backs of trains 🚂 and be lumped in with other "Black" people. 👱🏼We gotta give you some white people privileges!!" 😆So "rules" and "laws" were actually changed for this girl, and it naturally made "actual" white people mad 😡because they didn't think their "whiteness" could be bought. But 🤑OF COURSE IT CAN, because #race is a social construct with criteria as changeable as the wind, so what makes a person "white" is always changing #LOL 🤓You would think "white" just means #European people with white skin, 🍝but when #Italians first came to #America they weren't seen as "white" and neither were #Irish 🍀 or #Jewish people. ALL were treated and viewed as worse than dogs by the "white" #elite of American #society 💃🏽But now they're kinda considered white. 🤔What changed that? 🦃And who even came up with the qualifiers that determine someone's "whiteness"? 🙋🏽WHO TF INVENTED WHITENESS ANYWAY???? *To be continued... in PART 3.

😯Last year, when @DamarisLewis and I were talking about #BlackHistory Month, I was going on and on about the time before #CivilRights or #slavery or racism. 💃🏽I told her all about the #Moors and the #Almoravids 👑Black #Nobility and Black Saints. There are still remnants of that time all over #Europe and it wasn't even that long ago. It was a time before #race even existed, when people could be whatever they wanted and no one thought about what color anyone was at all. At a certain point, after hearing all this, Damaris asked: 👀"So how did we get to where we are now?" 🙊And this is where I kinda stopped talking because I knew the answer. A couple years ago I had dedicated a long series of posts to this very topic, but when my IG was hacked and all of my #woke posts got deleted, 😔I tried to forget about all that #information bcuz it presented me with a #reality that was just too grim. I really didn't want to have to write everything out again, or face all that information. But I never stopped thinking about giving Damaris her answer. 🙏🏽Luckily, many ppl reposted some of my #BHM posts so I was able to find them again. With that, I will begin my series of #BlackHistoryMonth posts with the #history of race itself. What is #white 🤔what is Black, and how did we get to where we are now? Let's begin...

😩He put #Batman in the #SunkenPlace

PT: 2 😎Another fun episode of #TheMayor airing TONITE @9:30 on ABC 👉🏽📺💃🏽My character Amber returns to face off against the lovely Danielle in a #romantic war of sorts ⚔️👀 and #comedy king @ArsenioHall is there to lift everyone's spirits 🙌🏽✨ 🙋🏽Thanks @brandonmichealhall @yvettenicolebrown @bernarddavidjones @mrmarcelspears @leamichele and @jeremybronson for such an awesome show!💋

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