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For those of you who know me outside 'kaliforndee' as Kal, you know that I put myself through school working 30-40 hours a week while taking a full course load at Cal Poly for my undergrad. I often ate ramen, beans, and whatever remained in the fridge (love you Noelle) at the end of the week. You also know that I used some of this hard earned money to be in a sorority. I am not exaggerating in the least bit when I say it is the BEST money I ever spent. These girls, these girls are my heartbeats. They are selfless, they are driven, they are wildly brilliant, they are mothers, and providers, and wives and girlfriends and they do it with grace and dignity. As you grow into adulthood, you realize that you very much mirror who your surround yourself with. These girls, we do not fight. We do not degrade. We do not judge. We are unconditional, we are advocates, and we pick each other up when life throws curve balls. Today I encourage you to look at those in your inner circle and evaluate if they feed your soul or leave you feeling depleted. @noellefeist @ashyo88 @lebatron @mleirer @shangirleads thank you for always being in my corner and cheers to many more years of the coolest gang I could ever dream being a part of. #murraygirls #tridelta

Journey to Never Never Land with my favorite human @kiplo_photo

New update in my stories right meooooow πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ’•

Day ✌🏼 of low carb and fats and mama is still breathing! This gem was too good not to share. It looks like cat throw-up, but tastes like baked oatmeal pie #dothoseevenexist
5 hard boiled egg whites
1 packet instant plain oatmeal
16 grams peanut butter (melted)
Top with @flavorgod Gingerbread cookie πŸͺ
26P, 23C, 12F

To the man who makes me feel pretty when I'm rockin' a messy bun and gym clothes, to the man who worked three jobs as a teacher, coach 🏈, and cabinet maker to put food on the table and buy @kiplo_photo and I new school clothes, to the man who never missed a volleyball game and always cooks my protein; you are our family's rock Dennis Lorenzetti. You live without judgement, you act without expectation, and you love unconditionally. Thank you for showing me what chivalry looks like. Happy Father's Day Dad, you're my real life hero.

I'd like to say this prep has been challenging and I have had to endure some tough times BUT this has been easier than 3rd grade math people. I chose to work with @team3dmj not only because of their education in the sport but their realistic approach to prep. Could I have done a crash diet and done a shorter prep to hit the stage? Sure. But I would have been miserable, eating poverty macros and a slave to cardio. I am still only doing 2 cardio sessions a week, weightlifting 5 days a week, have consistent energy and living a balanced personal life. We are about 15 lbs down at this point and honestly I'm happy. #futurelooksgood

P.S. bye bye cellulite πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

Sunday funday with the gurlssssss πŸ’•#soundandsavage

Yeahhhhh, I'm going to just leave this right here. #omg #iamdoingit

When you convince your team to take a SoulCycle class for 'team building'...or dying. #zendesk

PHYSIQUE UPDATE: Sitting at 146.6lbs this morning after a refeed yesterday, down 13lbs total. Still having lower carb days Monday -Friday and refeeds on the weekend. Last week I started having chronic lower back pain which consequently turned into abdominal pain. After ultra sound and blood testing, doctor is stating 'you're just an athlete' And oh! 'You should do Pilates to strengthen your core'. πŸ˜‘ If anyone knows me, they know two things about my fitness mindset: 1.) I hate ab work #cuzimlazy and 2.) I hate group exercise classes unless I'm dancing on a bike at SoulCycle. So today, I'm turning a new leaf of training abs alongside cardio because Lord knows you won't catch me doing Pilates. Turning lemons into lemonade one day, sometimes, one hour, at a time. #thatgirlwhotried

🎣 πŸ’•

As I was perusing my IG feed this week I came across a very well-know fitness model/influencer showing a workout including her running on a treadmill. As she sprinted, I could see her butt implants sloshing around and my heart immediately sank. Though I am a huge advocate of women doing whatever makes them feel good, I don't ever want to give anyone a false perspective of what reality is. So here it is: I get Botox on the regular, my lips are 100% real but I can pose them so they look unrealistically big, I have immense amounts of gray hair that I have to get colored up every 6 weeks (thank you @kassandra_rae_ for being my hair savior), I have pale skin that I cover twice a week with self-tanner, I seldom wear denim, my boobs are real and shrinking by the second, I've debated having my moles removed because let's face it, they're everywhere and a huge source of insecurity, I have a naturally tiny waist and I earned every inch of my glutes, and I feel the most pretty without a lick of makeup on (pictured here). Moral of the story, sometimes IG life isn't real life, but I'm going to keep fighting that 'norm' until I arrive at the grave. #helloworld

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