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Citlalli Alvarez Martinez  Soñadora 💭 Traveler ✈️ Mexicana 🇲🇽 in LA 🌴 almarcitlalli@gmail.com


Is it Friday yet? Today goes down in Kali history as one of the most taxing days yet. Pasen la botella, porfa 🤦🏻‍♀️ #estafotonotienenadaquever

Currently muriéndome de hambre and all I want is this breakfast spread from last weekend. 💔🤔 You know Mexicans have run out of food ideas cuando salen con una torta de chilaquiles (no hate though because it was bomb).

My hurt flutters when he says "no Kali, go on this side, the lighting is better" 😂 ps. No me duele la cabeza, según yo estoy posando 😎

Tequila, cafe. In that order please.

Always look up ❤️|| Feliz Viernes!

Ok ok ya no mas posts for today 🗽

Madrugue para ir a tomar fotos 🤣 pa que les voy a mentir?

Solo me queda visitar en otoño, that's when I really wanna see this City ❤️

Early breakfast with a side of my favorite little accessory ☕️

NY minute, literally 🌃

Room view || ¡Buenos Días Nueva York! 🤓

My liver has been pulling a Benjamin Button on me lately (not complaining). After a night of mixing Gin, Mezcal, Tequila, and beer I woke up Sunday morning al ciiiiien y pasadito 😎#ylistapatomarmeunootd

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