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Kalie Shorr  Country singer still recovering from her emo phase. AWAKE - EP out now!🤘🏻

I have always loved words- from stories to poetry to lyrics. Sometimes, I have thoughts that can’t find their home in a song. I’ve had so many thoughts recently and I have to write them down in order to keep my brain from becoming a total jungle of unexpressed emotions (thankfully and inexplicably, I managed to make a living out of this). So I started a poetry instagram. Follow it if that’s your thing 💜

I want the moon and stars... I’m gonna take you, New York 🌃


when you find a friend who loves Third Eye Blind as much as you do, you start an impromptu, unrehearsed cover band 5 minutes before the show and JAM. Thanks for a fun show @caledodds! ☠️💕 #dontdocrystalmeth #itwillliftyouupuntilyoubreak

Had some unexpected time for prayer and meditation before the show in Minnesota today and I found this beautiful little spot. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to let go of in my life and the big three I’ve been focusing on are fear, hate, and anxiety. The more I’ve thought about it though, the more I’ve realized- it all comes down to fear. Anxiety is fear directed inwards and hate is fear directed outwards. But what’s there to be afraid of, anyway? It’s going to happen the way it’s going to happen and the less scared you are of the outcome, the more you’ll be able to enjoy it if it’s positive or learn from it if it’s negative. I don’t have all the answers, and I have a long way to go with learning these lessons myself. Just feeling some feels and especially feeling happy to be present on this beautiful morning somewhere I’ve never been before 💫

mood bc @cmt added the Candy music video 🍬🍭💕 you can vote for it in the CMT 12 Pack Countdown (link in bio) ✨ post a video to your story if you catch it playin’ and I might even pick a few people + send them something fun! xoxo

If you’re happy and you know it take a selfie ⚡️

was posing for a picture and someone I liked walked by so don’t be alarmed if this is my reaction to seeing you in public it just means I LUV U 💕

already posted this on my story but this picture just makes me so happy ☀️

today’s vibe 💫

I’m blue aba dee a- okay I’m done

when @lizzobeeating said “Imma hit you back in a minute, I don’t play tag cause I’ve been it” I felt that

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