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Soooo hey surprise I’m in Norway for the next yearrrrr! I never really announced it publicly but I know a fair amount of people have known haha but I’m here in Drøbak for the next week and then I’m headed up to the town I’ll be staying in for the rest of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, may the MANY adventures begin!🇳🇴
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The beauty at the start of every morning. ————————————————————
Continuation of the sunrise shoot the other day shout out to @tyler.mcfarlandd for filming the first part of the video!
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1 week left here in Idaho and @tyler.mcfarlandd hit me up to go on a sunrise shoot so we got up at 5 a.m. drove to Boise, hiked table rock, and Tyler got this insane shot of me jumping! I’d call it a successful morning...now I’m gonna go sleep:)————————————————————Can we get this post to 500 likes? ————————————————————Person who spams 🌄🌄🌄 in the comments the most gets a shout out!

Took a shower in it the next morning;)
Also headed to Philadelphia today so hit me up with good spots to shoot there if you know of any!

Kinda don’t wanna go back to Idaho...they don’t have waterfalls like this.

So many endless opportunities in New York, never tired of it.

New York City, New York -
I had an idea that maybe instead of capturing everything in focus why not see the art of the picture out of focus and see what comes of it? So I got this shot and fell in love.

In love with this city
When the sun started to set it began to give this amazing moody feel to the whole city, every shadow was coming out from their slumber. With that beauty was captured among the streets.

New York.
You’re towering structures.
You’re vast cityscapes.
All your people.
And I got to experience you.
Till next time...

Concrete jungle. -
The vast buildings amazed me as soon as I saw them from the plane, I will forever love the way they tower over me give me different perspectives from all different angles.

Swimming in the rain.

A darker shade of feeling.

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