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And just like that fall was here🍂
This is from last week in Bergen, I found this little spot while seeing the Bryggen and the vines up the wall just amazed me the colors were so bright and vibrant and definitely reminded me that fall was here Bergen is a very special city that now has my heart.

@erikhallin25 and I saw this location while we were driving and HAD to stop because the whole setting was just too good not to pass by! So with racing the rain, extreme gusts of wind, and change of lighting every 30 seconds I managed to get this photo of the sun managing to peak through ever so slightly.

Another look at Henningsvær, such a beautiful place to visit it’s crazy how small the islands really are (when you compare them to others that is) seriously when driving through the streets you feel as if you might hit the car passing you in the opposite direction! I definitely want to go again soon.

This whole location made you feel like you were on set for the Hobbit movies I swear haha! That was literally the only thing going through my head as I was getting these pictures, well that and racing the clouds to make sure I could get the mountains point in a shot before they invaded:)

I love the creativity God has. Seriously like where in the world does someone get the idea that it would be pretty neat if solar flares from the sun were to collide with atoms and molecules from our atmosphere they would make bright burst of light in different forms and colors...that’s just insane to me! God truly is the best creator out there lemme tell yah! Don’t even get me started on the stars lol
Happy Sunday everyone!

The reflections of the small town on the super calm water in Henningsvær. This town was eerily quiet... seriously not a soul in sight so @erikhallin25 and I got our pictures we needed and then quickly left haha!

First time trying to get shots of the #northernlights and I think it went pretty well, what’s crazy is I could barely see them with my own eye but my camera managed to pick them up! Super super stoked to see them when they’re bright and all sorts of colors later this winter!

This trip was kinda like following the yellow brick road except it’s not yellow and there’s no bricks:)

The high peaks that surrounded me in every direction made me realize just how small we really are in this world

“Oh misty eye of the mountain below”
This view seriously looked like something straight off the Hobbit!

If you know me you know I love waterfalls, so of course we had to stop for this one:)

Another iconic photo I’ve wanted to go to for years! Had to come to this place twice because the first time it was raining so hard the tip of the mountain wasn’t visible due to the clouds! Lucky enough we came back to a clear peak.

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