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Kaleb Lucman  I'm forgiven & loved, so are you. Serial Entrepreneur. Family Man. Personal account = @klucman.


Renewing of the mind #hifcreative

Productive monthly meeting with the squad @hifcreative. Another huge masterplan in the making.. Featuring in this pic is the chronograph watch and pen by @condottiwatch

Spending several days with you alone is just so gratifying and fulfilling... You are such a positive and cheerful influence in my life. It makes me realize that i need to remind myself every now and then to not take you for granted.. Because after all these years together, i still feel i'm the luckiest 😊.. Thank you @ribkalucman for every big and small things, for every joyful and patchy moments, for every eventful or dull days.. for as long as i'm with you, i'm grateful :,) -
Pic by @donatusariel @nominapics


Ossuloc - a zen garden place for tea lovers like @ribkalucman. The smell of the tea, and the comfort of its cake, they're just heavenly. #seoul #tea

Lovely photo session today despite the cold weather. Thank you @donatusariel and @nominapics for making us look decent enough πŸ˜„ #postwed #seoul #reimsculture

Lagi ngeliat apa neng?

Lately i've been hearing stories from my friends, about how they have many corrections they can give to the organizations they are in (company / church / family).. ideas that they think can make the organization better.
Unfortunately, they don't ever give their inputs because they're a bit afraid, they're not that close to their leaders, they're not comfortable talking to them, or worse their leaders are not open for any inputs..
From their stories, I realize more and more the importance of a leader to be approachable.
No matter how smart you are as a leader, there's always an input you can receive that can make your organization better. But that input won't even reach you if you are not approachable.
People are too scared to even talk to you because there's a huge separation between you and your staff. -
Leaders who blend in, who make their people feel comfortable to be around them, who are just a phone call or a text away, are usually the leaders who are adored.. They are respected out of admiration.
To be respected out of admiration is much better, and much healthier, than to be respected out of fear.
Let's learn to be approachable :) #KLinsight

Ideas flow easier when you have a sound mind. #hifcreative

Accompanying my little chef for a cooking class 😊 it's not about "having" time, it's about "making" time. Our family deserve more than just leftovers.

Thanksgiving is always a good time to count your blessings for the whole year. Make a list, and you may be overwhelmed by how blessed you are.. I wish that your thanksgiving list will lift up your spirit and excites you to welcome christmas. 😊

As for me, I'm thankful for many many things in life, but none more than for these two lovelies.. Happy Thanksgiving!

Photographed by talented @juniapics @bennylims. (They have a christmas photoshoot package coming πŸ˜‰)

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