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kaleah motley  o·rig·i·nal·i·ty əˌrijəˈnalədē/ noun the ability to think independently and creatively.

time for another bahama vacay w my girl @carsonrae__ ~ let’s ride for pride, see you soon chicago. xx

momma’s boy 🖤

i think what hurts my heart the most about the morning i experienced is that we, in America, have lost sight of everything Martin Luther King spent his life working for. i could cry some more until my eyes are blood shot red or i could stand up for what is right.
today i experienced blatant racism for the first time. now don’t get me wrong, i’ve experienced racial comments such as; “you talk white” “you act white” “im almost as dark as you” (because yes, those comments are racist and offensive. i brush them off but they’re not ok.) because i’m educated; i talk “white” or i act “white” because God forbid a woman of color speak with intelligence.
anyways, today i had a white woman in my presence spout out racial comments and racially profile “black people” that come into her store. she continued on about how “black” people might rob her if she has too much cash delivered to her store from the bank i work at, etc etc. it blows my mind because anybody could rob you... but what do i know?

my point is that it’s 2018 and people are still racially profiling. it’s actually INSANE to me. it’s insane to me that someone could still be racist. it’s insane that someone could still be judging someone else for the color of their skin vs the content of their character. it’s insane that this woman literally said these things directly in front of me because despite the fact that i may talk “white” or whatever ignorance people tell themselves these days, i am in fact black.
i don’t say much about anything that may offend someone or makes them uncomfortable but if this makes you uncomfortable, i am not sorry. it tells me that their is a problem with racism in America. i read somewhere where people were like “it’s 2018, people aren’t racist” and honestly it makes me laugh because people are more hateful in America today than ever. and it’s so so so sad.
i will never wrap my mind around hate. i will never understand it. and honestly, THANK GOD. i’m going to get off my soap box now but just remember that your words hurt. that judging someone because of their sexuality, race, religion or anything that may be different than you is prejudice. and honestly, if we’re still dealing

happppy national best friend day, best friend!!!! wish we were on a train headed to another bahama vacation! (where in the effingham are we???) thanks for literally picking me up when i’ve been at my lowest, making me laugh til i cry, forgiving me when i probably haven’t deserved it, and just honestly being you. life would be boring without you in it. thank god for finding random roommates on the internet & them turning into family!!!!✨🍻

home ♡

“i may not get there with you but i want you to know that we as a people will get to the promised land” ♡ #mlk50

last night was a dream ✨

happy as a kid in a candy shop bc i get to party with @justintimberlake tonight !!!!!! vip bby, lets rideeeee memphis ⚡️

i have an insane calling to be where i’m not

i love any museum that treats you to a rooftop beer at the end of the tour 🍻

remember when i wasn’t gonna come on this trip??? sooo thankful i did🥂✨

this is only night one. crying.

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