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山本 Jennifer Moana 沙羅  東京🇯🇵目黒

To someone it's just water.. To me it's where I regain my sanity. 海に戻る、とゆうか、海に帰る、とゆうか心と身体もがクリアに素直になる場所。コンクリートジャングル出身の都会っ子なのに、なんでだろう。

Philippine shit gna amaze you. Go to my page n check this shit. ズームして撮った画質悪い写真ではない。見ればわかる→ @kalaloha

My dimple that will melt your heart. 🤤💕
Check around your friends and loved ones, to see if these peoples have dimples. For those who have these one of the marks must be your lover in your previous life who come to see you again to fulfill his/her wishes. -Chinese legend-

We are all in charge of our own happiness. Do what makes you happy.
#smile #ください

"Keep dancing like if there was no tomorrow!!"
Kumu said to me on my 23rd bday.
#polynesian #これは #ニュージーランドの先住民族マオリ族 #っと言います #maori #poiballs

Crazy Ohana🤙🏾✨
I can't put my feelings into words but Mahalo gozaimasu to y'all who supported us and for giving this opportunity, with this special member. I'm so proud to be here.
Good experience.
Much Aloha!!

(※顔は @yamaphotoshit 意識してみた結果)

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