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  Red hair, blue eyes, hehe. You?

My friend's @billylillyuniverse @justindeener and @pizzalifecrew wrote a song about me, and it's glorious

(Renaissance Toad in the local market)

sexin' it up, mate

me rn



(Log 1) It is 11:30 at night. I have just eaten macaroni & cheese with mediocre tasting chicken nuggets. I am in my dungeon dwelling, contemplating rearranging my room. There is so much dirtiness surrounding me, and Loki continues to defy the rules on a minute to minute basis. When I attempt to reprimand him, he farts, and then continues to flee. Oh, the encompassing and infinite chaos... On a more positive note, my mane has been temporarily tamed by the wonderful Melissa, and mother and I went to market to fetch some beautification supplies. Stay tuned for more of my medieval endeavors.

I was in the LOO tryna take a POO, but couldn't because...

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