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Cabinet of Curiosities
Oil on canvas/panel

New painting up @richardhellergallery
Translation (crimson cloaked scribe)
Oil on canvas/panel

Oil on canvas.

This painting will be included in ‘Immersion’, a group exhibition opening March 24th-April 28 @richardhellergallery in Los Angeles.
Oil on canvas/panel.

Black Panther and all of the African tribes featured- including the Mursi, Ndebele, Maasia, Himba, and Khoisan, from all over the continent mixed with futuristic and high end fashion was amazing to say the least. Naturally, I couldn’t help but reflect on the trajectory of my work and creative evolution. It boggles my mind to look back on a body of work I made over a decade ago and see the very same influences and fusions used to create those paintings. Its amazing to see where popular culture has arrived and moreover a Marvel Comic movie embrace this as a testament and milestone in cinematic history.

National Museum of Cambodia.

Anyone who has seen the temples in Central America and Cambodia cannot fail to note the remarkable similarities. What relation if any, exists between the giant carved heads at Bayon, and the colossal Olmec heads made by the ancient civilization of Mexico?

Exploring Temples of Angkor Wat.

Pensive Gaze (Turquoise Breastplate)
Oil on canvas/panel
32x24 lnches

Oil on canvas/panel
36x30 Inches.

Oil on linen/panel
36x24 Inches

Salon wall installation.

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