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Kaitlyn Steward  naturally nervous. Check out my art page @kait.steward

To say this week has been crazy would be an understatement. But I can’t emphasize enough how important a good support system is. I am SO THANKFUL for my OMAS fam. I love all you art nerds, and a big thanks to Sarah and Ros for keeping up with my crazy. Thankful for the hard work, good friends, tired eyes, copious amounts of caffeine, and lots of laughs.

WOWOWOWOW OMAS SHOW IS COMING UP FAST. you should submit something even if you’re not an art major! We have all kinds of prizes and it’s a really fun event! For more info head over to @omas_msu!

I’ll climb up all your thoughts and hang on every single word - r.c.☁️🏞

Always gotta get weird with it. 🌸

Know what would be a cool birthday present? If you followed my art page. 😎 I’m trying to have a more specific place to put little snap shots of in progress pieces, rather than spamming my Snapchat or putting up random pieces of art every once in a while! Check it out @kait.steward !

Excuse the glare but LOOK AT THIS! One of my favorite people (@courtney_lasley ) made me a custom poster for my favorite book A Wrinkle In Time! I only cried a lot when she gave it to me. Thanks Court!! I love it. Love love love. ✨🌀🔮

My brain has been weird lately. And I’m learning that’s okay. Pushing out ideas one second and coming to screeching halts the next. Sometimes it’s hard when your brain isn’t being kind to you. Pushing, pulling, nasty, nice. There’s a balance somewhere here, but I’ve yet to find it. Really aching for some warmer weather and sunshine to burn off the clouds in my head. But as always, the sun will shine again in time. 🌧

Just a reminder. 💌

Leave a little color everywhere you go. 🌈

Went through a weird patch but I’m starting to feel like myself again. 🌥

Freya B is a happy little dog.

Happy 22nd birthday to my Josephine. Wouldn’t trade you for anything. ❤️

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