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Kaitlin Hay  Canadian❤️ 23 ♎️ Traveler 🌎🌍🌏 Rave babe 🦊💫🌸

As always was a great #hayfamilyweekend. We really don’t do much except drink, get shocked and play in the pool! Always a good time :) #familyfun #weekendvibes #youmaybearedneckif #lovethem

5th year doing bluesfest with this one! We have seen some amazing shows and I couldn’t ask for a better bluesfest buddy xoxo 😘 @kaybug119 #rbcbluesfest #bestfriendgoals

Confidence is about something that comes from within. Something no amount of makeup can create. #nomakeupday #stillaboss #stillneedthatfiltertho

Okay guys I’m sorry but we messed up! Apparently yesterday was #nationalbestfriendday so here we go. These bitches are actually my best friends! We have the most insane times together and collectively share some of the best memories none of us will ever remember! @kaybug119 you have been my best friend for years. We have stood by and supported each other during good times and bad (and really really bad), I couldn’t ask for a more honest and straight forward friend! You always tell me how it is and don’t hold anything back! Your always sweet and caring and will always put your friends first! I’m blessed to be able to still call you my platypus after all these years 💜💜 @justine.l.94 girl we may not have been friends for long but we became friends fast and hard! You are going to be my summer wifey and you don’t get any other say in the matter 😘 Snooki is insane and crazy and rules any club/ bar/ party or living room she walks in to! You are such a fierce friend and are always there to listen and voice your opinion, our sleepovers are therapy sessions for both of us! I’m so happy I’ve found someone that in such a short amount of time I already can’t imagine life without! The Snooki to my Jwow 💜 I love both of you so much 💜😘 okay sappy post over #sorrynotsorry #nationalbestfriendday

I love having a sleepy puppy on my lap #puppiesofinstagram #doggydays #lazydays #dogmom #puppylove

Day 3 is officially done! Until next time EDC it’s been real #edc2018 #madeit #survivededc #canadaraver #rainbowroad

Edc Day 2 was all about making friends, chillen in fields, and watching the sunrise over the electric sky 💜💜 #edc2018 #ravegirlsdoitbetter #edcday2 #stillhurting #sunrise_madness #survived #canadaraver #canadianraversgohard

Thank you #EDC for an amazing first night :) can’t wait to party again tonight #edclasvegas #eatsleepraverepeat #canadianraversgohard #canadaraver

Gotta love lazy days in the Vegas sun! #edclasvegas #edc2018 #sunshine #roadtoedc

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