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Day 2 of 80 in the books! Holy cow, who knew a little green band could make you sweat sooo much!! Definitely got my sweat on tonight! #thanksautumn #80days #askmeaboutit

Today I’m going to start my journey and I’m going to be public with it. In the past i have started work out programs and diets but I never got anywhere with them. I don’t think it worked for me because I wasn’t public with it. It felt like something I needed to hide or be ashamed of. That’s wrong! We should never be ashamed for wanting to make ourselves better! This is totally out of my comfort zone and it’s going to be hard but that’s ok! If I want change, I have to change what I’m doing! I’m sure I’m not alone in this boat. If you want to change, let me know! We can talk about it, I’m right here with you! #relatable #change #newphase #new #day1

First game on a season! It was awesome!! #firstgame #gopackgo

Today we got to tour the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field! It was fantastic! Learned the history of the packers and so much more! #gopackgo #lambeaufield #packers #greenbay #wisconsin

Miller brewery tour was awesome!! For some reason the beer taste so much better here than it does at home.. 🤔 #miller #brewery #Wisconsin

We have had a long weekend, but it was well spend celebrating love at a beautiful wedding! Now we are in Wisconsin getting ready to tour the Miller brewery! #weddingguest #champagne #wisconsin #brewery

Sometimes your baby has more fur than others. #chester #nugget #wiskers #catmom

Some morning you just need a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin. #coffee #blueberry #humpday🐫

10/10 fastest year I have experienced. 10/10 Logan Kenseth is still the best.
10/10 we still don’t have date 🤷‍♀️ 10/10 still can’t find a hashtag

You know it’s not a hobby when you wake up earlier on the weekends than you do on a week day for work. I’m would say at that point, it’s turned into your passion. #cars #cadillac #ctsv #camonly #lsx #coffee

I can and I will. Exactly what I needed to hear from my mom today. I have had a long week and today was extra long. I went to a training class for work, got caught up on emails, went and volunteered at an event and didn’t get home till after 9. When my mom gave this to me tonight it reminded me of what I am capable of and what I’m in charge of! I am in charge of my life! #ican #moms #change #coach #iwill

What a blessing! I get to start every day with an awesome nutritional shake! It’s just a plus that it’s chocolate and I had peanut butter..💁‍♀️ not only does it help me get all the extra stuff I need throughout the day, it’s kinda a small meal for me. I can have a shake and a banana and I’m good till lunch! #shakeit #chocolate #peanutbutter #coach #longterm

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