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Kaitlyn Partin  A passion for emotional wellbeing & sharing the benefits of essential oils. You can also find me over at @kaitlynpartin. #yleo 🌿


Happy Friday! Today I am gearing up for next week’s brand new online class, Detox & Declutter. It’s a revamp on one of my favorite classes to teach (“Detox Your Home”). This class focuses on stripping away junk in your personal care and home cleaning products AND freeing up space in your home to live and rest and thrive at the same time. Would you like to attend? Class is open to folks on my team and non-YL Members who want to learn more.

Settling in for the night. I like to diffuse calming combos as I wind down for bedtime. Lately, it’s been Bergamot + Cedarwood. (Sometimes I add in Frankincense when I’m feeling fancy.) What are your favorite sleepy #diffuserblends? #yleo #yloilshelf #branchoutvalorup

A photo of mine is getting some love over on @vineandvalor today. Oily friends in our community, you’ve got to give this account a follow! It’s a new place to learn more, connect and be inspired. Learn more about the wonder of lemon essential oil today 🍋✨🌿. #yleo #branchoutvalorup #lemonessentialoil #🍋

My girl @cm.essentials uses essential oils to clean her makeup brushes. This has been my go-to method, but this week I'm going to try to clean my brushes with my Thieves Household Cleaner (a super powerful botanical cleaning concentrate). I love that there are many ways to clean, freshen and purify my home without using harsh chemicals. It's so, so good. Pluuus, did you know that @younglivingeo also has a completely nontoxic makeup line called Savvy Minerals? YL has you covered. #yleo #onestopshop #cleanbeauty #branchoutvalorup

Me in my mind every morning as I'm applying my oils. 💕🌿 You are invited to join me this evening for an online class about Emotions and Essential Oils. I shared a bit more in my IG stories, so go take a peek! | Sweetest illustration by @worthwhilepaper.

The dreamiest essential oil tools, maybe ever? A spritzing bottle for nontoxic perfume or room spray replacements, and a cube roller for all the supportive blends. @woodandoils your goodies are ✨ Image is their own. #rollerblends #nontoxicperfume #woodandoils

Plants breathe life into a home. Fresh from the garden, preserved and pressed between pages of favorite book, grabbed along a walk my son, and now as our primary, go-to source for wellness. Thankful for the power and beauty found within and the ways they bring me peace and gladness. ⠀

Image by @koobies.

My, oh my! How pretty is the #oilandglass book by @the_essential_collective? It’s is chock full of recipes for essential oils for healthy living, including a specific focus on health & wellness, body woes, beauty & skincare, babies & children, home & garden, pregnancy & birth, and mind, body & spirit. Personally looking forward to making my own healing sitz bath after giving birth. 🙌🏻 🌿 #yleo

Had a little fun in #instagramstories a moment ago while I filled my glass with my afternoon treat. Go take a peek!
NingXia Red is a wide-spectrum antioxidant beverage designed to be a daily nutrient infusion for health & wellness support. It’s tart and sweet like a glass of red wine or pomegranate juice. 😍 #ningxiared #yleo #kombucha

Ready to hit the ground running this year - who’s with me? Here’s to a new year full of good health, operating in our strengths, sensing deep joy in the pursuits we set our minds to and healthy relationships with others & with ourselves. Cheers! ✨ #happynewyear #2018 #hopeful

These last few days of December have me dreaming for 2018 in big, bold ways. What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in the new year?

Time for a fresh start in 2018. ✨

I purchased my Premium Starter Kit the week after Christmas last year and to say that it was one of the best decisions I could have made in 2017 is absolutely no exaggeration or understatement. In a year’s time we have overhauled almost every room (and nook and cranny) in our home with completely nontoxic products, we’ve saved hundreds of dollars in our personal budget, and to top it all off, I launched a side business that is on track to replace (and then exceed) my former income in the coming year. We have huge plans to crush debt in 2018. 🙌🏻 How? Very simply, it is a membership with Young Living. So many opportunities to bring greater wellness, purpose and abundance to your life. Any and all of this is wrapped up in that initial enrollment. Access to incredible products that are clean, safe and from the earth. Opportunities to create income that becomes generational so your family thrives long after you are gone. A community of like-minded folks diving into healthy living together. It’s yours too, if you want to dive in. ⚡️ As a way to commemorate this past year, I want to give you something extra. The next six people to start the new year on a fresh foot will be gifted a beautiful welcome kit AND a free 5ml bottle of Citrus Fresh Vitality. 🌿💛 #yleo #citrusfresh #cleanliving

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