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kaitlyn  i play video games every day, come watch all kinds of stuff @ twitch.tv/kaitlyn |

back from montreal so it’s time for my originally planned birthday party stream 🥳 right now! playing Breath of the Wild for the very first time and hoping it doesn’t have anything remotely close to the Ice Caverns http://twitch.tv/kaitlyn type !raffle in chat to enter the hourly game giveaways too thanks to some of my qt viewers and bounties i’ve done. we’ll give away the Witcher 3: wild gwent first 😈

teach me your ways


sekiro just came out yesterday and it’s letting me live as the sword master i always knew i was. some people were taking an hour on this guy.

unboxing this big boss tomorrow with the help of d-ferret. starting devil may cry 5 today 🐍📦

abby, thank you so much for sending me this shirt and enabling me 🔫 🕷 #overwatch

no edits, no facetune, no blush thats just hyperpigmentation from acne and the cold👌

kaitmas day 2018

them: wanna smash
me: sure roy or marth

today i will have streamed on twitch for 999 days in a row. i guarantee you that i am much more shocked than you, especially if you are 0 shocked. let’s aim for no casualties this time

nintendo: lEveL dEsIgN iS mY pASsIoN

what a good boah 🐴 more christmas #rdr2 irl

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