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Kaitlyn Bristowe  Abc's Bachelorette 11 🌹 SNAPCHAT- snapbackbean - Im an acquired taste. If you don't like me, acquire some taste. bookings: media@kaitlynbristowe.com


VANCOUVER! I've convinced CitySTRONG to come to my old stomping grounds. I'm extremely passionate about this one and would love to see your support. July 8th at 11am. Tickets available at CitySTRONG.com Please sign up quick!!!! (Location is on the website.) come sweat and laugh with us, and at us for that matter. Let's make Vancouver the best one yet eh? @yourcitystrong #citystrong

Does touring vineyards mean I'm outdoorsy? 🍷 #Napa #ImNotSureWhatThisLipColorIs #Sowwy

Clumsy AF. Shawn got us a couch that I can spill my wine on. Clearly this is a reoccurring theme. But these have washable covers and I ain't mad. #Tuckerhair #wine #lovesac @lovesac disclaimer, I tripped myself so that you get the idea

Edmonton>Vancouver>LA>Nashville>Toronto>Nashville>Mexico>Napa>Nashville all in 3 weeks. I'm tired, run down, I've been eating hotel and airport food, I'm puffy, sick, and I had the time of my life. I even said out loud yesterday, "I am so lucky." But while I was in Mexico, I thought to myself, if I am here and I don't take a sexy professional pic in my bikini, did I even go to Mexico? I found myself doing the compare thing. I don't know if you noticed but it feels like if you go on the bachelor, your body has to be perfect and you have to post about it, like, a lot. Which is a ton of pressure. Yes. I'm tiny, but I have cellulite, and insecurities. I'm actually insecure about how scrawny my arms are. I work hard to be healthy, and love my body, but also drink wine and eat McDonalds. (Had it twice this week.) And I should have taken a sexy bikini photo. And I should have done it without filtering or editing it, with a bad angle, for a good #Realstagram photo. Because real is sexy too. So here's my real pic. I'm run down, tired, greasy, full of Mcdonalds, but I had one of the best 3 weeks of my life. Let's keep this movement going. I have a fun @rawbeautytalks project coming soon. #realstagram

Sleep obsessed? ✔️✔️✔️ Comfortable mattress? Non-negotiable. Ordered my mattress online, came in a box and bloomed right before my eyes! Check out @SleepCountryCan’s Bloom mattress if you want to be bloomed away ;) #LifeWithBloom #Sponsor

These two crazy kids are on the podcast today!!! Make sure you go download and leave a review! We talk #bachelorinparadise , sing, and probably had a little too much fun in there. Podcastone.com or subscribe on Apple podcasts!! #OffTheVine Woooooop @podcastone

Well Played Shawn B. #32 #recycled

It's my Birthday and I'm in Napa Valley. Is there anywhere else I would rather be? Wish our family and friends were here but Shawn really killed the fiancé game this birthday!!! Best surprise trip ever. 💕🍷

My dad doesn't have Instagram. And I love that. And I love him. And I just want the whole world to know that because of him, I have high standards for how a man should treat a lady. If I could be more like anyone in this world, I would be more like my dad. Honest, kind, loving, compassionate, understanding, the list goes on. Thank you dad for loving me the way you do, and guiding my path to find my Shawn B. I love you, and I will text you this later so you see it. #HappyFathersDay

Strapless top or naked selfie. WHO KNOWS.

Drake, am I doing it right? #damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangster

LIFE. Speidi joined Off The Vine Podcast in the @podcastone studio! They might have convinced me to do reality tv again. Go download the episode and leave a rating and review!! I'm gonna pick my favorite one at the end of the week! Podcastone.com or subscribe on Apple podcasts. RIP HAT #offthevine @spencerpratt @heidipratt

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