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Kaitlyn Bristowe  Abc's Bachelorette 11 🌹 SNAPCHAT- snapbackbean - Im an acquired taste. If you don't like me, acquire some taste. Media: media@kaitlynbristowe.com


Can you see me? #Camouflagejokes Also wearing a heavy over sized coat in the middle of summer wasn't one of my better ideas 📸 @karolinaturek

My favorite season? Patio season obvs. I'm back in Canada for a few weeks and let me tell you I'll be sippin on @steamwhistlebrewing Canadian made pilsner and eating fresh sushi from @joeyrestaurants Tag your BFF (best foodie friend) for a chance to win a @joeyrestaurants gift card. You need to be following both @steamwhistlebrewing and @joeyrestaurants to enter. Easy enough! Cheers #Sponsored 📸 @karolinaturek

“I would change my face and my body to just to look a bit thinner. [Social media] makes me feel like I need to have perfect “everything” just to fit in” - Harmony 🙋🏻 if you’ve ever felt this way. I know I have. There is SO much pressure on us to look a certain way and to have these perfect lives. I can only imagine how social media is impacting kids these days. That’s why I’m partnering with @RawBeautyTalks to raise funds for youth media literacy and positive body image program, @freetobetalks. I’m so done with low self esteem getting in the way of big, beautiful lives.
Join me LIVE on Insta stories TONIGHT at 5pm - we’re going to get real about all this self esteem stuff and then together we’re going to make some change for kids like Harmony. (Link to full video and ways to get involved in profile)

#RawxFreeToBe #FreeToBeTalks #Realstagram

Hand placement 😳 TORONTO!! Have you signed up for @yourcitystrong yet? August 26th come work out with us!Part of the proceeds go to @creativets and it's a good time! Go sign up at CitySTRONG.com

We take our golf game VERY seriously ⛳️ (we actually do until it's time to hit the clubhouse)

This is one of my most important posts yet. If you haven’t seen a #Realstagram post, I do them every once in a while as a reminder that social media isn’t real life so we can’t get caught up comparing our story/body/wardrobe/relationships etc. with someone else’s. On average youth consume over 9 hours of media a day! I’ve teamed up with @RawBeautyTalks and together we want to raise $50,000 for youth media literacy and positive body image program @freetobetalks. This incredible program empowers boys and girls in grades 6-8 to reach their full potential by developing media literacy awareness, cultivating individual strengths, building resilience to social pressures that impact body image, and nurturing a positive social environment. IMPORTANT STUFF!

If you’ve ever felt low self-esteem or unsure of where you fit in the world please click the link in my profile and donate or share!!

Attention Rachel and "Jerome". Today will be one of the best days of your life. When you can finally be out in the real world hand in hand. I honestly don't think you need advice because you seem to be on cloud 9 and you're smart af, but here's mine for what it's worth. Do not listen to outside voices. People will try and bring you down, I'm not sure why...But they do. As long as you surround yourselves with people who love you, and remind each other that they come first, you will be ok. You both have our full support. 💕#TheBachelorette

OK YOU KNOW IM OBSESSED IF I POST TWO IN A ROW @moooseybaby (Also happy birthday sweet Leo) #Oneyearwithleo

I wish I could live on a farm full of golden retrievers. That would be my happy place. Meet Moose.

Checking for bird poop. 📷 @karolinaturek

Dancing in the streets will getcha

We know how to do weddings. We should probably figure out how to do our own.
Dress- @likelynyc

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