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A flower girl and a handsome groomsmen. (Also known as...my gorgeous little niece and spicy hot husband).

Of all the weddings, portraits, and engagements I have photographed, by far the smile has been what makes or breaks the image. Hands down.

Happy Friday friends! What's on your agenda this weekend? TELL ME BELOW! 😆

Have you ever felt completely drained? Beaten up on all sides, at the end of your rope, tried, exhausted, and just plain....alone?

Yeah, me too. Maybe that's me today. Maybe that's me everyday. I'm not about to give you a cliche "but get back up and keep trying!" mantra, but I will say that you're not alone. Don't forget your dreams, but don't avoid changing up your dream a bit to fit who you really are. Don't mimick everyone else. You'll only feel sucked dry after years of pretending to be something you're not.

Celebrate the small victories. Tomorrow is a new day. Grow even in the driest of climates.


Something cool is coming to the inbox of all my email subscribers... tomorrow!

I love having an email list where I can release cool exclusive content to not just KBP fans, but friends! It's the best club on the internet where all you get is good news once a month!

If you're not a part of it, click the link in my bio, and you'll find the option to join the #KaitlynBeckerPhotography tribe! 📷: @michelabrookephoto

Help me settle the debate: should I live in this pueblo adobe hotel at the Grand Canyon or in a beach house by Big Sur?

These past two weeks have been a blur. The desert, the mountains, the canyons, the coast, and even the lung pounding elevations of upper Colorado. And every bit of it is beautiful.

So help me decide! Where is our next adventure? 😎✈

Guess what?! I gained a sister yesterday! I got to attend a wedding and just be a guest, and I can't wait to see the beautiful images the photographer made! I only took an Instax and about 3 photos, as I was being the impromptu videographer, and happy wedding guest during the day.
I loved that Olivia and Caleb, my brother in law, decided to have an unplugged wedding ceremony where everyone got to watch the beautiful foot washing and pray over the rings individually. One of those super special days that you're so glad to experience without a camera. 😆 ▶ What are some of your favorite memories that you have with no photographs to document it?◀ #realstagram #theygotmarried

The next two weeks of my life are going to be interesting.

Armed with a @sonyalpha mirrorless, a reflector, and a 35mm, I'll be shooting portraits of people across America. I'm nervous and excited all at once. Who will I meet? Who will I get to make laugh, smile, and share with me? Who will I be able to touch through the simplicity of a photograph? Is a camera the secret to breaking barriers and finding commonality in 2017 America?

Hmmmm. I wonder what could happen? Who should I find and photograph on my trip across the states? TELL ME BELOW!

It was a Tuesday. I was headed to meet a client that I had never met before. She, and the four toddlers in her care, including a set of triplets, were getting their photos taken at one of my favorite spring Arboretums in Lynchburg. I was nervous, I was unsure. I had never done just children! I decided to pray.
I prayed “God, let me be used today. Let me brighten the day of this client, and Lord, relieve my stress.” Sometimes we pray, and forget about it. Maybe we ask God for something and we’re blessed soon after...forgetting that God answered our prayer! But today, he was so evident in every aspect of my time with this lovely family. The girls laughed and giggled, the light was working for me, and I made real life connections!
Amen, Amen, Amen. God is so good. Even on days where he challenges us, he is in control. I’m officially adding prayer to my “pack list” before a shoot. Anyone else? Tell me some of your crazy answered prayers and we’ll have a praise fest today on Instagram.

Dear friends, running a business can be hectic, fun, and one big rollercoaster ride. A lot of fake it till you make it days, and a lot of kicking butt days.
But can I tell you a secret? You are the reason I do what I do. I love making people happy...I'm a ENFJ type of person. I wouldn't change these moments for anything!

So, go check out the blog, on the #linkinbio and share in the joy of this happy date night couple! Comment below your favorite date! 🔽⬇

Today marks one week until my husband and I embark on the craziest trip of our lives. 2 weeks in our SUV, traversing across the USA to see friends, family, and the amazing landscape and beauty of this country. We'll be seeing the Grand Canyon, Big Sur, a wedding, Vegas, Zion National Park, Antelop Canyon, Arches National Park, Colorado, and so much more. Ah. It's going to be crazy.

Any advice for us brave adventurers? Tag a friend you'd travel across America with below! ⬇🔽


Close your eyes. Count to ten. Breathe. Say three things your thankful for, and refocus. Ask God what this rollercoaster you are on means, seek him in everything you do, and don't be afraid to be vulnerable. No one ever got out of a stressful season by wishing people would just read their mind and help them!

This season is just a season. Your reaction to it will determine how you live through the next one.
Go in peace friends, and as always...I'm here to help! Struggling bride, mom, entrepreneur, friend....I'm here!

It's Solo-preneur Stuff Saturday! Yep. You heard me.
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