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Kaitlyn Becker Photography  Memphis lifestyle photographer telling the stories of families, couples, and small businesses. Don't be afraid to say hello!


This goes out to all the ladies out there. ➡

To the women who barely get out the door in the morning, and pack all their makeup for the parking lot outside of work. To the women who spilled coffee on their clothes while microwaving a frozen burrito at work, and still chose to rock it. To the women who work, clean, take care of kids, and then get on social media to find they also need a “Side Hustle.” (More like Sigh...Hustle.) To the women living a beautiful life that are too busy to notice as they compare to a fake life on the internet... We are all in the same boat. ➡

Likes, comments, and social media comparison will not add ONE DAY to your already beautiful gift of a life. It just won’t! I have this little gram because I love sharing my photography, and in the end, making friends. It hasn’t added much to my bank account, but it has added friendships to my life! ➡

So, breathe. Message me. Let’s have tea, coffee, guacamole, whatever. I’m cleaning out a lot of annoying “hustle” in my life, and making space for YOU. So come on over. ⬇

Share a little bit of your day below, and tag a friend that NEEDS THIS today. I'm here to listen.🙌

Every so often I scroll through my photos and find bunches of happy kittens, blurry on my phone camera lens, prancing around. I find I miss every one of them, but love it so much when they find a home. Just like photography and art, when you work on something for so long it's hard to hand it over and say "it's yours now!" But the joy it gives is the reason you started in the first place.
Ah, joy is the most infectious thing you can give, and I hope your weekend is filled with it! Anyone else out there love their little fur babies like I do? 😸🐶 #KBFosters #Adoptdontshop


I just wanted to share this photo of my beautiful friend @maceyalexandra. It reminds me of days in Lynchburg, Virginia where things were simpler and I had a plan, a home, and a church community group. Days where I was confident of my place in so many areas of my life.

Here, it's all up in the air! It's a wobbly start, but it's a start nonetheless! Its time for me to unleash the Kaitlyn Becker I know is dying to get out and be a true Memphian, even if it feels new and uncomfortable! So here's me, telling Memphis, that even though you've seen me at my worst....get ready for my best!

Raise your hand out there if snuggling in the couch with a book, a coffee, and some candles is your kind of weekend!🙋 I love fall, and it's always been my family's favorite time of year. New England is always so so colorful in October, and full of life. Memphis is still basically in summer mode, but that won't stop me from lighting every candle I find!
What's your favorite fall scent? Burning leaves and bonfires always make me nostalgic! 🍁🍃

You're beautiful. You're everything that God has created you to be, you just need to believe it. Remind yourself of who you are.
You're not put on this earth to fit in, impress others, make money, be slim, play sports, fly planes, or shoot weddings. You were put on this earth to serve the purpose of bringing people closer to God. You are here to enrich the lives around you, and friend, our time is SO SHORT. Please, please, don't waste it. Don't waste it with silly comparison and overwhelming anxiety.
I have wasted so much of my time concerned with how others perceive me that it has crippled me. Choose God's real, absolutely true joy today. I am thankful for phone calls and old friends today, like this savvy lady, @kaymaebs. Tell me two things you are thankful for below, and let your fears fade!

Friends! I need your help! I just posted a life update blog a few hours ago, and it was hard and emotional to write, but necessary. I'd love for you to read it, so weeks of writing and re-writing it, won't go to waste. #realtalk

So much to think about and clear my mind of. So much change and future change about to happen. But, I am excited to serve the community of #memphistn.
Go read it. It won't disappoint. #linkinbio
Also, if you're looking for the best handmade mugs ever, @triedandtruhn #triedandtruhn is your best boss lady #shopsmall investment.

You, sitting over there scrolling, wondering if you're going to keep seeing the same ol' same ol'. You, tired of seeing perfect images that are curated and color toned to a life that is all yellow and blue and just lovely. You, tired of seeing how every other mom, friend, and fashionista seems to have some side gig. You, tired of feeling small and unimportant and very....less than.

Friend, I've felt like that, and I still feel like that. I'm writing this from a new city where i know only a handful of people, and i feel very alone and foreign. I'd love to say I have 10 tips on how to make your business work on Instagram, but today is just one tip on how to make your life work in reality: put down your phone and love the people around you that are not on the screen. Step away, put the phone down, and go lay in your front yard and play cards. Sip some lemonade. I'll be off Instagram for today!🍋🍷 🔹My prayer is that today you feel loved and cared for. What are your favorite ways to love others and do a little self-love, self-care!? ⤵

It's a beautiful day here in Memphis. The first weekend of many that I will spend here.

Wow. A new home. I actually live here. Somebody pinch me. No turning back now! 😻 Caption this little kitty, Margo, below! ⤵

Yesterday my husband and I were sent off with prayers and pizza as we packed our little (too small for this trip) Penske truck to Memphis, TN.

It is with full hearts and gladness that we embark on this new phase of life.

Tell me what one crazy adventure did for YOUR life, below! ⤵

Yesterday was my last day of work as a @libertyuniversity marketing photographer. It has been an amazing experience, and I wouldn't change it. It was my third job after college, but to be honest, it's the only one I was dreaming of and chasing since I graduated.

Now, I am following God's call to be a better steward of ALL my gifts, my finances, my time, and my marriage as we travel to Memphis. Wow. Still sinking in.

I will miss these steps, these students, and all the memories of this place. If you're interested in some of the work I did there, @kaitlynbecker is showing some of my favorite images.
Bye Liberty ✋✨

So much has changed in literally two weeks.

Two weeks ago I got a call from a Tennessee number, picked up, and accepted a job offer in Memphis while in a bathing suit at a water park. Yes, that's real life. And it has been just as ridiculous and "seat of your pants" as it was when I got the call. We are moving, and moving fast! So stay turned as my business goes west too!

It's moments like these⤴, spontaneous photos with my upstairs neighbors @katimichellelong and @micahlong, that slow us down for a few seconds and let us breathe.

Joy always, always, always comes with the morning.
I have to conciously remind myself that God is constant in my life, and in this changing season. No matter my struggle, his grace and peace are there. But let's get personal....what can I be praying for you?

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