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KAITLIN WOODWARD  -WOODS AND WATER- 🇺🇸Bass Pro Ambassador 🛶Hobie Fishing Team 🐻 Bear Archery 🏹Cajun Bowfishing

Sunday stroll 🌥
A flashback to a late summer night. Heading back to the launch after a good day of catching ;) #gonefishing @bassproshops @nitroboats

Missing those barefoot blue Jean nights 🌾 Don’t you just love looking at a picture and you can almost feel like you are there? When I look at this picture I can hear the crickets chirping, I can feel the humid midwestern evening air, and can anticipate the heavy thunk of a large mouth bass whacking my senko...and possibly a mosquito bite or two 😆Counting down the days til I’m #gonefishing @bassproshops

A memory I won’t soon forget; my first kayak musky, summer 2017. My smile says it all 😁 Looking forward to landing a few in my new 2018 Pro Angler that I just ordered today from @zachosportscenter She should be here around the 1st week of April🤗 🤗🤗🤗 #Muskyfishing #kayakmusky #kayakfishing #hobiefishingteam #hobiefishing #gonefishing @hobiefishing @hobiecatcompany @bassproshops

The majority of people are wishing winter was over, and then there’s the few; those savoring every beautiful and unique snowflake and appreciating the magic that is winter❄️#Elsa #TheColdNeverBotheredMeAnyway #ILoveSnow #NotReadyToSayGoodbye #EarthElement

Looking ahead to these days 😍 They don’t seem too far off 😉 .
.#SpringIsComing #GoneFishing @bassproshops @hobiecatcompany @zachosportscenter

Starting a new journey into yoga 🧘‍♀️ 1 week ago today I tried this pose for the first time and completely biffed it. I’ve practiced every day since then and a week later, here I am... still biffing it 😂 but I can actually get into pose and hold for quite some time! It’s crazy how muscle memory can build in just as little as 1 week! .
Yoga is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve tried it and quit and I really want to stick with it this time so from time to time I’m gonna post progress pics videos on here to hold myself accountable ☺️ #Yoga #crowpose #biff #ZenAF

I’ve been seeing lots of bass fishing pics lately in my feed from people in the southern half of the sates and I gotta admit, I’m pretty jealous. BUT I also love seeing them because that means spring is so close!
This time last year @_josh_woodward and I were gearing up for a bass fishing trip to lake Guntersville, Alabama (which is still probably my favorite fishing trip we’ve been on and I’m dying to go back.)
Things are a bit different this year. We used to have to travel for good fishing, and now good fishing is in any direction from our doorstep. As badly as I wish we were heading south for some Alabama largies, I’m also feeling pretty content with knowing I can walk out my front door right now and step into this scene. .
It might not be bass season yet around here, but I’m finding it pretty easy to be patient because I know all the goodness that is to come 😁 #GoneFishing

Vibes 😛

Sooo I’m pretty pumped to announce that I am officially apart of the @beararcheryproducts family!! 🙌🏻 .
When @beararcheryproducts reached out to me I was seriously shocked. I felt like I hadn’t proven myself as a hunter and couldn’t believe they wanted me to represent their brand because I haven’t shot giant after giant year after year, I haven’t been hunting more than a few years, and I’ve only been successful a couple of times. But really thinking about it, what does being successful to Bear really mean? It means going out with a passion for everything that hunting stands for regardless of a harvest or not and in that regard, I have been way more successful than I give myself credit for and I like to think I would make Papa Bear proud. This says a lot about the company to me and what they value in hunters, in fact a pretty famous quote comes to mind. .
“I hunt deer because I love the entire process; the preparation the excitement, and sustained suspense of trying to match my woods lore against the finely honed instincts of these creatures” - Fred Bear .
I couldn’t agree more, Mr. Bear. I hope to carry on your message of passion for the hunt for many years to come.
I am beyond honored, grateful, and proud to represent such a truly amazing company that stands for everything I love about hunting and I’m looking forwarded to my time in the woods with my “Moment” 🐻
#WalkAmongLegends #FredBear @beararcheryproducts

Protect the pack 🖤 #WolfPack

Absolutely in awe of my life these days 🖤Tonight it was creek fishing for trout, yesterday was river fishing for pike, and the day before that was icefishing for whatever was biting (which happened to be pike) AND tomorrow I’m headed to a river I am absolutely in love with and it’s going to be snowing while I’m fishing❄️! Somebody pinch me, I feel like I’m living the dream!! .
Of corse it’s not all fishing and adventures 24/7, all day everyday. I start a new job very soon that I’m SO excited about and I’ll fill you guys in when the time is right, but let’s just say I might be able to have my cake and eat it too 🍰 #FishingIsLife #GoneFishing #LivingMyDream #Wisconsin

I might have just made 2 life long friends thanks to @instagram 🙌🏻 #GirlsThatFish

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