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Afternoon with my lady 😍
I never thought I'd meet another woman who I'd feel this connected to. Growing up as a female more often than not life was passive competitive. Most of you would probably understand. High school drama. I had a core belief system that operated around not really trusting women... Or men but that's another post. So most of us would have the sisterhood around us but would make sure to empower our friends JUST enough so that they felt good but not enough so that they were as great as ourselves. Because we were all insecure children. Basically. (Ps if that's still going on for you, times have changed. It's time to squad up as queens and help your sisters grow.) Anyway, back to my point.
This woman was the first I had met who has seen me at my absolute darkest worst moments, and also witnessed me in my light and fully in my power. We've had a pretty crazy ass kicking of a ride for the two years we've known each other. We met on Facebook through a mutual friend and didn't meet in person until a few years later. (Even grew up in the same town and never ran into each other). Our first meeting was a coffee date that went for probably 4 hours and then we spent almost every day together for the next couple months. Chasing storms for hours at night to watch the Lightning, traveling together, driving 3 hours to find good coffee, living together, learning about the cosmos, so many travels, road trips, adventures and more

But my favourite adventures are always where our minds take us. Exploring deep into human nature, dimensions, energy, bodies, souls, relationships, sex, magic... Basically all the juicy stuff.
Our friendship is one where we build each other up more that we ever had before. We pull each other up on our shit and help bring each other into more alignment. We keep accountable, honest, respectful and have the most fun and full body joy ever.
@Erica.perry you are a fucking goddess and I love you through every atom in my being. Thank you for being such a Devine mirror and source of cosmic soul smearing.
Our conversations together have inspired most of the posts on #thethirdkateye and probably a bunch of Eccas blogs (link in her bio)

It's so much easier being single.
Kinda. Sorta. Let me explain.
Something I experienced when I was an "independent single woman who didn't need no man" was that it was SO MUCH fucking easier to keep my shit together. All I had to worry about was me, myself and I. It was easy to balance myself, and my emotions and I had a sense of control over what experiences I wanted to be having. I loved it. I loved being able to be seen in all my glory, the best version of myself.
Behind the scenes I saw my mess but it was totally able to be handled... Or disregarded and suppressed. Whatever I felt like, but it didn't matter cause it was just me, and me. I thought I had it made. Self love down pat. Killin it.
Until I fell in love and chose to commit to a conscious relationship every day.
Choosing a relationship is the fast track to some serious spiritual growth. Having your reflection stare back at you as your partner 24/7 can be really fucking confronting. And having them SEE you, all of you, in all your forms. In your crazy ass jealous bitch mode, in your Kali, in your seductress, in your mess, in your sadness, and in your joy. In your pleasure, completely lost in bliss, and in your rage. It's not always easy having someone who's going to keep you accountable for your own growth 24/7 when you would rather run and hide. It's not easy having your blind spots pointed out. Cause you can't close your eyes to those parts of yourself anymore.
When love is present, everything that is not love arises to be healed. Repeat. WHEN LOVE IS PRESENT EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT LOVE ARISES TO BE HEALED. All our insecurities, our habits, our old belief systems that no longer serve us. Our shadows. And not only the uncomfortable stuff. Being in a conscious relationship means making an active effort to allow more joy, bliss, laughter and expansion than ever before. More love than our normal societal conditioning subconsciously allows us to receive. So it's a constant journey of self discovery. As humans our brains like to find solutions to "problems". Once they have been loved/solved/whatevs our brain automatically starts **continued in comments** #thethirdkateye

Relationships are instances of being related to each other. So perhaps there's no such thing as a "relationship" but rather, a partnership.
A partnership is moment and moments of relatedness, each stringed together in our mind. Each moment could arrive anywhere on a spectrum of our expectations being completely disappointed, or exceeded beyond our wildest dreams. Anywhere on the middle of the spectrum is where our expectations are being met and we feel fulfilled.
And then, there are 2 sets of expectations we are monitoring! Theirs AND ours. If they exceed OUR expectations, that's amazing. If we feel like we are exceeding theirs, that's absolutely wonderful. If we feel like we are disappointing them then we are absolutely horrified and visa versa. If we are meeting their expectations yet they aren't meeting ours, same deal. SO how our expectations line up with each other's us what gives us the experience of the relationship itself. If they line up and we are getting what we need we are happy humans, and if we aren't, we get scared, want to run, push each other away, cause conflict, hold on tighter or withdraw.
Our expectations are created by expecting someone (our partner) to be more like us. For men to be women and for women... To be men. This literally sets us up for disappointment. EXPECTATIONS ARE LIKE VIRUSES. Every single expectation actually breeds another.
If your partner disappoints your expectation it CREATES another expectation that they will continue to disappoint you OR that they should try really hard to make up for it.
Same for if they have done a really great job at EXCEEDING your expectations, we expect that to continue. For example, in my relationship...partnership...whatevs,
Tully does AMAZING things for me and exceeds my expectations on the reg, and more often is giving me things I didn't even realise I wanted or needed.... Yet when he doesn't do it... I get mad??? 😂😂 #lifeofawoman
So the question is, HOW do you convert your expectations into the FOUNDATION of a partnership?
That's what we will be exploring in our up and coming couples weekend workshop next month. For more info link is in my current BIO right now xx

Happy b(earth)day you absolute QUEEN @juliet_allen .
I love you, I love the way you inspire me and I love the way you just completely own your badass juicy self.
When you're old and grey and 80 years of life have gone by, you'll look back on these years and be like, fuck yes, I killed it. 👏🏻🎉💃🏼👑 then you'll get your yoni wand out go to town 💦
See you when I see you xx

This is the big smile you get from Kat - Post Shakti Meet up.
Spent hours today completely soul smearing with other gorgeous women, sharing stories, insights, reflections and recommendations over herbal tea!
Love, sex, conscious relationship, health, tribe, soul journeys and all things juicy.
These topics are my absolute froth and I'm SO HAPPY to be experiencing this reality with women who live and breathe the same vibes. 👑 @theshaktisociety

- Couples Weekend Workshop.
Expanding Emotional, Physical and Spiritual intimacy.

You wake up the relationship, then you wake up the children. You wake up the children then you wake up the new world. Thank you for going first.
You are invited to join us in exploring the depths and expansiveness of conscious relationship for a weekend in the beautiful serenity of the south west. #margaretriver region
Regardless of whether your relationship is already deeply intimate and expansive, or if you both feel like there is room to explore together - you both probably deserve a weekend away.
Away from work, from the kids, from the city, from the distractions and the business of life. To return to yourself and to each other.
What we are offering is a casual yet sacred two day workshop style retreat to reconnect, to breathe, to feel, to reset and to remember the love that’s already here.
A chance for the two of you to delve deeper into each other. To explore the potential for you as a couple in conscious relationship and how that expresses into the outside world.
What is a “Conscious relationship” - A conscious relationship is when two whole beings come together in union, with a common purpose and focus towards growth, expansion and love.
What we will be exploring throughout the weekend: - Sacred Sexual intimacy, cultivating a deeper connection inside and outside of the bedroom.
- How expanding your emotional intelligence can transform your relationship.
- Spiritual intimacy and understanding the power of choosing conscious relationship
- Creating awareness around your blind spots and learning to stop self sabotaging. - Cultivating a strong inner sacred union with yourself.
- Exploring the dance between masculine and feminine polarity (Relationship Dynamics)
- The love languages: Giving and receiving love in the most effective ways.
- Conflict resolution and communication tools - FOR THE WOMEN, learn to embody your awakened Queen energy and move through life with radiance and magnetism. - FOR THE MEN, Step into your power and connect to your full potential as a man, and as a lover.
More details in the link in my bio ☝🏼☝🏼

Dear the Shakti’s in my life.
The women I share my time with, in the 3D world or on social media.
You are NOT an inconvenience.
And I’m hoping you already KNOW that. The world is shifting. You can read books on loving yourself, and watch motivational videos on why you’re great.
In fact most of the world I live in, is mostly empowering. To some extent. I mean, we TALK a LOT about how we should “know our worth”. And if someone were to ask us we would probably tell them that we basically love ourselves now. And we are definitely learning how to as an entire collective.
But do you feel it? Do you honestly feel how fucking valuable you are right to the core of your entire being.
You can LOOK like a queen but FEEL like a total inconvenience to the world, to the men, to the sisters, to society.
We’ve gotten pretty good at pretending to love ourselves. We say all the right affirmations, we are getting better at recognising the goddess within the women around us.
But the way we FEEL and the way we are portraying ourselves mostly isn’t matching up. And it’s hard to tell. Because we are smart, we are sooo convincing even to our selves, that we got this covered.
But what about when the cards are down and we feel like shit. On our darkest days. Do we still know our worth then? Do we honestly realise that our emotions are no longer an inconvenience to this world. Do we realise they never were? Can you FEEL this in your being, that the way you move through life, with your magnetic energy and radiance is what makes this fucking world go round? That we are walking, talking mother nature. That our laugh actually lights up the room, and our hearts sync up and people actually FEEL different around us.
Do you feel that your softness, your vulnerability is a gift to this world.
The gift of connectedness, the proof of oneness. Do you realise that our energy can absolutely fuel a man. Just as they can fuel us?
I’ve only recently been able to access the deep understanding and FEELING of being valuable to this world. To ACTUALLY having something significant to give. And even if I gave absolutely nothing, my worth wouldn’t diminish the slightest. **CONTINUED IN COMMENTS**

Spent the morning helping out @conscious_craves_foods at the #margaretrivermarkets . Will be here for the next 8 weeks while Ky is in the USA. Come play ✨🌏

I miss Agnes the van.
Who's van lifing at the moment? And who wants to?? 😍👽🌏

Almond milk chai latte and this view. And I get to call here home ❤️

She craves to be ignited with passion and love, to be seen, in all her forms.
She craves to be honoured, to be challenged and respected. To be held. She wants to love you more and more into your godhood, she wants you to love yourself into your godhood. She yearns for you to choose her, rather than need her. To want every part of her.
She craves all of you. Because you are the one who she chooses to open her heart to. You make her the proudest. Her heart loves to deeply support you, always.
You light a fire in her being that nothing can put out. You light up her mind, and awaken her body, you hold her heart and she holds yours. You are still learning that you're her favourite person in the whole wide world... And what that means.
You are worthy of her love, and she is worthy of yours. ✨
You are her king.

Can't help but be completely in LOVE with the little love shack. 🌿

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