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My brain is exploding with ideas and inspiration. Finally tapped back into the "flow" I've been trying to rediscover for the last 9 months.... But HOW DO YOU DO IT. What do you do first. What do you focus on. SOS Halp!?!

Our baby 🙊🙊
And by our, I mean, all the epic woman here. You. Well, probably you... if you have a vagina. And if you don't, just tag your vagina blessed friends for me will you?
This was a little seed of thought not too long ago and now is holding 2300+ women in the private FB group and just reached 1000 on the insty.
Ee! For those of you who don't know, SHAKTI means Devine Feminine Power.
So why not create a space to honour that.
(And yes, men, I love you too, don't get me wrong, you're just as great... Just in different ways, so until the day I can understand your brain like you can understand mine I think it's just best that I hang out with all the lovely ladies over here 💃🏼💃🏼) Queens, if you haven't been following me and watched the evolution of this, I would LOVE for you to get involved.
Head to @theshaktisociety And have a read of the most recent update... Actually read the lot, you'll love it. Heaps of stories and pics of your future tribe (yes I have faith you'll fall in love with us all and we can't wait for you to come play).
You'll know what to do once you're there.
I love you. We love you. If you know other conscious women who would vibe, tag them below. This is a fun, down to earth (or up in the cosmos not sure) collaborative safe space for us all to play. ✨👽🌏💃🏼👯

To all my #Perth gal pals,
If you're going to give your hair some TLC, trust me, you want to find yourself sitting in front of @janellemareetantra and allowing her to work her magic.
I met Janelle at a weekend workshop exploring different energetic archetypes and then spent a week with her at a retreat up in north Bali.
She is a beautiful, strong woman, filled with wisdom and epic banter. Supermama of two cosmic kids and a very special type of mentor.
If you're in Perth, it's worth even traveling from Fremantle I promise hehe swing @janellemareetantra a message.
Love love

Was going to cook up a vegan curry for my King... But he's not here so I'll just cook it for the queen instead 🙊👑💃🏼👽

It's the little things.
Positive momentum starts from the little things. What makes you happy? I was talking to @riolifestyler a couple of days ago on the topic of abundance, clarity and flow. First things first - what ALREADY makes you happy. For me, it's having a full fruit bowl. For me THAT'S mother natures abundance. And fresh flowers from outside. And a clean home that brings in fresh energy and you wake up clear.
So, quick question for YOU - what are the small things (which are ACTUALLY the big things) that make you glow? 😘

G morning from the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ shack 😘😘✨

Part 3 (continued) : Sometimes if your desire is very strong, in a moment when you are not arguing for your limitations or noticing what is missing from your life, you can catch a glimpse of "who you really are". We like to say that your "inner being" is always there with the expanded version of you keeping the light on for you to help you find it. So let's just say you have a lot of friends, and they're all over the place in terms of the way they feel, and you are, too. Sometimes you hang out in a good feeling place together, but not usually. But then you begin to understand your own guidance system. And you care about the way you feel. You begin waking up and deliberately focusing upon good feeling thoughts long enough that other good feeling thoughts join them.In time, you are able to stay there consistently. So then even though your friends may be up and down and all around, you are consistently feeling better. So when they do rendezvous with you, they will be in a more receptive mode to what you are helping them to understand. That is what your "inner being" has been doing all along. Staying in that higher vibration. It is because your inner being is already in the place of knowing that you have those aha moments when you get it. You get it when you align with your Inner being. It is through your own life experience that you're awareness comes from, because words, in and of themselves, do not teach. (From the book referenced in last post xo)
📷 @suchislife.co

Part 2:

Because you know what you don't want, you then are able to know what you do want. But the awareness of what you do want is not a very practised thought yet. You may have only realised it just now. What you do not want, for now, is a much stronger vibration within you. And so it would actually be illogical for you to suddenly begin thinking entirely differently about what you do want, because it's not your pattern of thought.
And so you think more about what you don't want, which causes you to launch another rocket of what you do want, and another and another and another until over time there is quite a gap between what you are actually living and what you are asking for. There is a gap between what is manifesting in your experience and the new vibrational version of yourself. ** extract from "co creating at it's best" by Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks
📷 @suchislife.co

•\\•Food for thought Part 1•//•
Morning momentum -
Most of you are aware of the law of attraction. And if you're not, go do some research and come back to this post.
The law of attraction is not active while we are unconscious. When we wake up, every single morning, it's like a big fat reset button.
A fresh slate. You wake up, half dreamy in flow. Until your thoughts come in. And you start thinking about the stresses in your life. You get anxious or uneasy.
If you feel a feeling and or focus on a thought for 17 seconds, you begin momentum and will bring in another thought like it. And then another and then another. Like a bolder on top of a hill. If you push it and then run around the other side you'll probably be able to stop it pretty fast. It hasn't built enough momentum yet. But you roll it down the hill and good luck trying to stop it by the time it hits the bottom. By this point it would have built up so much momentum that something freaking radical would have to stop it. Same as our thoughts. Once you start letting yourself get caught in negative story, it takes something drastic to stop the momentum and by that stage you've already attracted a day full of things that don't work how you wish they had. (Trust me, first hand experience on the reg with this one. Best thing I know how to do to drastically stop the momentum is to shake, dance, cry, yell, scream, sing, skip, play.... )
UTILISE YOUR MORNING SPACE the moments of breath as you wake up... To start positive morning momentum. Mantra, music, dance, smile for 60 second intervals I don't know. Whatever floats your boat. And watch as the next thought comes by and another and all of a sudden you're creating a snowball effect of positive emotion and experiences for the day. (We are human, keep an eye out for unconscious self sabotage as things start to go epic. Stay focused on the good juicy stuff. And if you're feeling stubborn and are comfortable in the discomfort of shittyness (oh I know this too well) , FORCE yourself to shake and move and drastically change your state. It's worth it) 📷 @suchislife.co

Winter in the love shack ✨

Everything is unpacked. Space is clean, with little crystals everywhere, sage sticks, and the fruit bowl full. Waking up here with Tul is absolute bliss.
Drinking cacao on the couch every morning listening to the birds. Looking out at the trees.
My social media pooping itself. Loosing chargers, not downloading apps, can't get on FB messenger.
But no anxiety here. Just peace. Calm and real life 😍

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