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Yearly Riverbend pic 😋 Slayer and Lamb of God tonight


• K E E P G O I N G.

If this isn’t the truest thing ever... Needed to see this today. Thanks for sharing @carla_vanhook 😘💕

EMBARRASSING ALERT. But f**k it. Wanted to wait to show the before definitely until I reached the 8 weeks but I’ve been a baby lately and need to be reminded of the progress I’ve made so far. Before picture is me letting stress and food control me and just flat out being lazy during nursing school. I never realized how much weight I gained until I took that picture and it was then that I was SO disappointed in myself because that first pic is NOT who I am. The second pic is today, 3 weeks in of consistent diet, workouts, and cardio. Literally can’t wait to see the end result. Ready to get my body and FIT-ness back. I know one thing..... I’m promising myself that I’m NEVER GOING BACK TO THAT BEFORE PICTURE EVER AGAIN. #amptrainingcincy

I look pretty gross in this, but I just KILLED my Sunday hour of cardio. Yes, an hour of cardio every Sunday. I am so damn proud of myself and the work/discipline I’m doing during this cut. I’ve lost about 2-3 pounds since starting 11 days ago. Doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’m definitely well on my way to losing the weight I want to in this cut and definitely getting my muscle back. Well.... uncovering my muscle 💪🏻

This I have to remind myself. Been on my cut only 9 days and I’ve been so impatient wanting to see faster results. Sometimes you have to stop expecting the results and commit yourself 100% to the day to day process and let the results come when they decide to come ;-)

My cat is over here living the dream 😆 Such a princess.

Happy Nurses Week! Proud nursing student/future nurse here 🤚🏻 One more year to go!

Five Finger Death Punch/Shinedown last night!

Family ❤️

Long way to go. 7 weeks left in my cut. But change is coming 💪🏻🔥

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