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Kai Williams  poet + fiction writer | co-founder and exec director of Eat At The Table Theatre Company 🌊✨| Wes '20


Love and hip hop hollywood is back and a bitch is HAPPY. I got new Ray J quotes for my finsta bio for DAYS πŸ‘ 

a clip from my poem about how mad I am that every time a sappy hoe wants to watch a rom-com all she gets is When Harry Met Becky. Wish Issa Rae could replace Meg Ryan's every role. If you were wondering if I'll ever stop bitching about white girls the answer is no and I ain't sorry 😌 watch the full video on my YouTube page (link in bio) s/o to the rest of the freshman class and @bowerypoetry for having me!

My mother named me for the ocean. I feel like I'm the ocean. Unconquerable to man. Always reflected that above me just like the waves, shine elevated in darkness, color emphasized in sun. Drowned everything that tried to drown me first, swept each little foot into my waters, sharks patrolling the bloodstream. Also gave life. Also rebore myself. Also replenished. This has been a year of upheaval, of great need, of losing breath, of struggling limbs, of kicking legs but every time I've thrashed around for air I have resurfaced within myself. Came up clean, baptized, bountiful, blue. I bloomed, the sun built beneath me, illuminated underneath my waves and revealed all. Finally, at peace in myself as I am in the sea. Finally, looking at the sky from an equally wide and separate power

if you not pullin up to Bowery tonight then wyd? 🌹 the theme is talking shit (essentially) can you guess who suggested it? Dm me for info!

goofy 🌭

it freaks me out how much I look like my mama. I feel like this picture is ab to yell at me for sticking my chopsticks upright in the rice and remind me that "blue" by Joni Mitchell is the best album of all time


Think I'm gonna start posting some of my poems. Still finding my footing so bear with me please β˜ΊπŸŒ™ wrote this one to "orange moon" a few months ago

@thefleshlightchronicles combats/calls attention to the normalization of sexual and verbal harassment on social media platforms by exposing lewd, or just ridiculous, messages. WoC supporting other WoC is my favorite thing to see and this account is dope. Lillian also takes submissions (like mine) so hit her up with those screenshots! πŸ’ͺ🏽

my bby girls plus a poem for them

real housewives πŸ’₯

I wish my folks had taken me to Maui more as a kid and made me stay in hula dancing, which I quit cause hitting the ipu gourd hurt the palm of my hand too much. I also threw a marble out of my cousin's tree house into a koi pond out of spite because I didn't have a cool treehouse at home and sometimes I worry that a koi might have been hurt trying to eat that marble. I feel like I was Lilo before Kenji came around and made Stitch.

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