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OK  I want to surf, shape wave sliders, cook for Tracy❤️, play with our crazy pibble GoGo Girl😍, drive Tracy crazy😂, and pass my knowledge to others 🎓.

Beauty Is Everywhere Mostly Missed

Bad Side Of Town And The Good Side You Pick Which Is The Best For Fuckery and/or Eatery Or Fuk It Let The Games Begin On All Sides

Hwz Dis Bigly Taro For Sunshade Remember Children Protect Yourself With Some Sort Of Sunblock Try Out @neubody.intl Sun Protection At The Pool Outdoor Bazaar On Yor Motorcycle Shmurfing In This Case In The Middle Of The Chity But Still Can't Protect Us From Air Pollution 🤢

Tunnel Vision To Da East We Go @ca_sizzla

Follow Your Travel Partner Around The Globe And Find Life Changing Treasures

My Two Loves Are Famous

Hwz Deez Fakas Tow Up From The Sky Up Much Love @barik_supremo_lambanog For The hooks

Hwz Deez Fakas Drankn All My Barik

Menehune Hale

Drankn And Drankn

While Flying Through The Pacific Sky On My Way To Another Year Of Travels I pulled This Cherreh Mag From My SCary on And Started To Read This Collaboration Show Brochure Now As A Former Fine Arts Professor In Several Disciplines And A Former Gallery Artist (Art Politics Sux Balls) I'm An Art Snob This Glide Collaboration Was "Is" An Awesome Diversion From The Ordinary Art Scene That I'm Used To When It Comes To Art Scenes Im A Purist Meaning A Separatist Of Low Brow vs High Brow (Google Dat Shit) But In Fairness All Art Is Art It All Depends On The Interaction Between Artist And Viewer As In The Glide Show It's A Sensory Of Fun Photos Surfboards Skateboards Prints Paintings Installations Etc Made Me Think Of Going Back To Painting My Shit "NOT" Anyways While Reading @mr._t00ts Section My Name Popped Up and Was Surprised To Be Mentioned By The Stylin Hawaiian "Toots" Grouped Up With Likes Of Famous Shapers Im Honored And Thank You Brahdah Cuz For That Made My Long Haul Flight A Bit Easier And Thank You @adamfunari For Having This Show And Making Of Art Should Be "FUN" Keep Creating And Never Stop

"Little Boxes On The Hill Side Little Boxes Made Out of Ticky-Tacky Little Boxes On The Hillside Little Boxes All The Same There's a Pink One And A Green One And A Blue One And A Yellow One And They're All Made Out Of Ticky-Tacky And They All Look Just The Same"

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