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I am absolutely heartbroken and devastated hearing about my all time favorite teacher passing away so suddenly.

Mr. Fischer was more than just a teacher to me. He was someone I looked up to, someone who inspired me, and someone who made me have a reason and a purpose in my life with music.
Back in middle school I had a lot of problems with people bullying me and not feeling worth anything and he was always there for me. He was a spectacular teacher, and while of course he was scary mad sometimes - I always knew it was because he cared about his students. At lunch he would always talk to me when he knew I was having problems, and even after school share music and help me out with clarinet. There were so many good memories of the one place I fit into back then, and that I wouldn't have found if not for him.

I was last chair all through middle school back when I played clarinet, and he was the person that pushed me to be better than just what people thought I was or ever could be. Plus summer camp at Wildwood, he made all the difference both as a camper then and as a counselor after high school.

When I was in high school we stayed in touch, beyond just christmas caroling with friends to his house and emails, but even meeting up time to time for coffee to catch up and for guidance on life after high school. And then after high school.
Doug was a great friend, and always inspired me to stay true to myself and what I wanted in life. He used to joke about how he thought/expected me to take over as a director someday - and actively pushed me to be a music major, something I ran away from because of other reasons for a while, and now he'll never be able to see me work towards making my music dreams a reality. That's going to stick with me. It was already enough that he believed I could do any of that. I'm sure as hell not going to give up on any of that now.
He's the reason music became such a huge part of my life. I owe all of it to him. I can't even begin to explain the kind of impact he had on me growing up, and even to this day. Funnily enough I had been thinking to call him these past few days, and I wish I had.
A hero to me.
He's gone fishin' forever ❤

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FORREALS THO there's really great people behind the brand, and I love and really get behind what they stand for. Couldn't be prouder to be an ambassador for their brand and message 😄😄😄
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Summer = Beach 🏖🌞😄

This pose probably wasn't good for my back tbh, I have scoliosis actually (it's rotated inwards instead of just an S curve) so any kind of rotation I make with my body always screws me up afterward 😂🙈

The way I posed for this always makes me laugh. I just look like such a dork (fitting tbh) 😂😂😂 <mood> last summer in Maui

💐 it's a wall of flowers with a flower bag 💐
(definitely not intentional) #MyDistrict

💃 photobooth fun 💃

Super swaggy pics 📸@rittakelly 😂
Super fun day to night~
Ft. awkward backpack straps

@taylornation @taylorswift
I'll calm down eventually but OMG
@camila_cabello AND @charli_xcx OPENING WERE GREAT TOO 😍😍😍

I can't even begin to explain how amazing last night was.
@taylorswift @taylornation is one of the few artists I get so hyped over like this, I had been trying to get tix to her concerts since 2008 to no avail and FINALLY got to see her live, and she did NOT disappoint!
At one point she thanked the audience for taking the time out of our lives to see her on a Friday night, because "it's LA, there's so many options for things to do on a Friday night," she is just still so humble and amazing and I'm so glad one of my role models is still - at her core - so inspirational and kind.

That awkward moment when we didn't even realize the camera guy that ran past @mt.wanger and I was for the @taylornation @taylorswift instagram story 😱😍
@reputationstadiumtour #dead #reptourpasadena

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