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Kai Hill  /Surfing the waves of light /Yogi /therapeutic body work/ creative mind / Berliner / owner of Yogatribe studio Berlin. Www.yogatribe.de


Berlin walls are the best.

Eka Pada koundinyasana II - fits into a square. Lifted version. #yogateacher #krishnakai #yogaeverywhere #yogatribeberlin #unlockingendlesspossibilities

L So fulfilling! Working more and more with my dancers on body awareness and alignment. #dancer #krishnakai #yogaeverywhere #

We explored the potential and evolution of feet at the dance festival b12 at Eden studios Berlin today. Shakeef would show how he is able to climb up high into the crown of a tree 7 m above ground using the hidden capacity of feet. Quite impressive when we out of a sudden from the second floor 👍💥👻

Today I worked for two hours with dancers on alignment of inner thighs for the head of the femur bone - hip joint integration.

Love to sharing insights into anatomy. The human blueprint is so super intelligent.

Dancers are amazing body workers. Love to teach yoga and share alignment principles at this international dance festival for the second year.

Sweaty Summer finally.

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