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Kai 💎🇨🇦  2nd account 📸 : photlit // sc 👻 : crazymusickai22 // level 15 💥

I’m sorry for all the promises I didn’t get to keep up with and ended up hurting my loved ones. But just know that I’m ready to get shot in the leg for you since I care about you being hurt. I’m still trying to figure things out to be better to not hurt anyone even when I don’t realize I hurt someone I love. Life is complicated and hard but it’s okay I guess. It’s part of life to go through pain ... 🖤☁️

I don’t smoke I smoke fun in the dark ☝️

Throwback to blue hair 💧

Addiction? Fuck it let’s enjoy our life before we die. 🚨

Many people legit don’t get my photography and think it’s dumb. It just means you ain’t into aesthetic/photography and can’t see the beauty in a picture. Anything we see can be turned into art whiteout you knowing. It’s called having the eyes.

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You’re the one being a bitch so that’s why I gave you shit cause you deserve it for some reasons

Getting rid of my past positively 👌 (I know I look high but I ain’t 😂)

Let’s live today together ~
#2k18 #quote #livelifetothefullest #livelife

A bit old but whatever :) #2k18 #selfie


The garage’s creepy like my soul 🕷🕯

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