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Kaia / Kai / Kiki  ~ Self Taught ~ Mostly Traditional Art ~ Requests : Most Likely ~ Collabs : Eh, Maybe *GIVE CREDIT IF REPOST OR MAKE FANART*

Live streaming in a few mins. It might be a q&a stream, idk yet. (If so, I'm not answering any questions about personal info)


Oof idk xD

Ayyyeee I made this last night and eventually fell asleep drawing xD this is my life. Every. Single. Day. 😂 ~ ~ ~ (also I decided to get rid of her ears and tail because it seemed kinda typical to make her a lythera or werewolf. She wears beanies now and got some earnings because WhY nOt xD) ~ ~ ~ ~

#oc #kaiadrawzocs

Ayyyyeee I finally made a new girl oc and OML HOW DA FRICK DID I DRAW THE MOUTH SCREEEE I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF xD
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Just some info bout her :)
Her name is Shaska Greyz.
She's a lil cinnamon roll that just wants to find her soulmate 💕 (hehe I'm excited to draw her soulmate). Aaaand the only family she has left is her older sister (I'm currently working on her),,,,, and her grandma. She's also socially awkward.. sounds familiar xD
She's very insecure (poor thing ;~;), she takes care of others before herself, and she's scared of losing her loved ones (kinda causes her to be overprotective and clingy cx). She has anxiety attacks every once and a while, a few migraines here and there... Ye. Imma make a sad drawing of her when I'm ready lol
~ #oc #soulmates #kaiadrawzocs (also I got a new journal so I can make oc backstories and stuff 😉)

I'm so ticked off. I'm so tempted to scream. This person is critiquing art in a negative way. She/he is harassing other artists and hating on their art. And I'm gonna say this now, all the art that they were hating on is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! If this human being is hating on your art or just you in general, ignore it, or even ask him/her to take this account down. Please report and block this person. Thank you.

Wip of Zane Chan 💙

Yeyeyeyeeeee your gurl learned how to draw boizzzz im so happy omllll :oooo (♥o♥) ~ andddd your gurl also doesn't have names for dem yet :p ~ #oc

Ayeee I finally made Kaia's age chart xD

#kaiadrawzocs #oc

~ Just a lil sketch I made for @therealelliedoodles ~

Oml I friggin love Crystal and Max(★o★)
Sry I haven't posted lately. School has been a HUGE pain ;~;
Btw these aren't my ocs. These two belong to @therealelliedoodles I realize it's probably pretty clear that they aren't my ocs but I'm just making sure xD

Imma livestream in a few minutes,,, I just gotta set up

Hoi! I'm making a creature called a Lythera. A lythera is basically a fennic Fox that has wings and shares another soul. So it has two different personalities and souls. That's why one of the eyes are closed. One is awake and the other is resting. Sooo yesh. More info will be coming soon
#oc #chibi

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