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Ghessyka Schmidt  Rather be a starving artist than succeed getting fucked.

the way to create art is burn and destroy ordinary concepts and to substitute them with new truths that run down from the top of the head and out from the heart. Bukowski
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Dando o ar da graça 🤰🏼

All the people we have met and all the people we have yet to meet, are meant to exist so we can find them. So we both could exchange a set of directions, which will guide us to the next place we are meant to go. And as we go, we must always believe that maybe this could be our last stop. That maybe the next person we meet will not have a set of directions, that maybe they will have more, and that maybe they will offer us something beautiful enough to inspire us to stay. @rmdrk .
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"Lighting new cigarettes,
pouring more drinks.
It has been a beautiful fight.
Still is." .
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"there is always somebody or something
waiting for you,
something stronger, more intelligent,
more evil, more kind, more durable,
something bigger, something better,
something worse, something with
eyes like the tiger, jaws like the shark,
something crazier than crazy,
saner than sane,
there is always something or somebody
waiting for you
as you put on your shoes
or as you sleep
or as you empty a garbage
or pet your cat
or brush your teeth
or celebrate a holiday
there is always somebody or something
waiting for you.

keep this fully in mind
so that when it happens
you will be as ready as possible..."
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