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This marks the end of our 3 days’ dives in Bali.
We were really lucky to get to see both mola mola, manta rays and dolphins. I have to admit that the currents were strong at crystal bay where we had to hold on to rocks and reef hooks after to avoid from being swept away (as you can see from the video that we were drifting away by the currents). Underwater temperature is freezing the f out of me (why didn’t anyone mention about this? Thicker wetsuit recommended! We wore 3mm)
Dive sites that we went to:
USAT Liberty Wreck, Tulamben Bay, Crystal Bay, Manta Point and Manta Bay, Toyapakeh, PED arranged by @amdbali. 🤙🏻 to le diving buddies! @lolanlau @lengsean @felwong @con_nie, till next time!
Shot with @gopromysg

Such a magical moment.
Divers all around the world came to see you and we definitely got thrown away by your cuteness.
First mola mola of the day seen at Crystal Bay at 23m, 24 degree Celsius (went down to 17 Degree at one point)
Shot with GoPro 6 HERO BLACK. A little bit shaky cuz i didn’t have the mount and my hands were shivering.

Shot with @gopromysg


They said, I have the cutest Corgi ever.
I say, he has the cutest dad ever.

No offence to the Corgi owners out there, you know we think ours are the cutest most of the time 😂

This little one is growing way too fast! He’s 4 months and 8 days old today! I’m missing the times when his legs are way shorter and wouldn’t dare to come down the stairs. (His journey is all in my highlights)
I hope you grow up healthily and happily! I will be there for the rest of your life.

Definitely had lots of fun at @pixelalley that brought back tons of childhood memories!
Swipe left for blurry group photos!
Time crisis anyone? We actually spent quite a bit trying to get to stage 3.

One of the best brunch and coffee.

Took some time off myself to recharge and begin again. I guess visiting your favourite city is the best way.
There marks the end of the not so solo 6 days in Melbourne. Thanks to the people that I met during the trip, like I said, it’s always great catching up with someone overseas and this time happened to be some friends whom I haven’t met for a while!

Sometimes when you look at the bigger problems that others or the world are facing, you’d feel that you are only that tiny and all these problems of yours will eventually be solved over time. It all lies within yourself. Don’t make it an excuse to do things that will put you into troubles.
Meanwhile i’m already looking forward to Bali diving trip with the gang next month to hunt for mola mola!

There are things in life where efforts and time won’t work out. But the persistency in driving yourself to the gym will probably get you somewhere.

It felt like getting stitches without painkillers – each stitch is incredibly excruciating, yet vital to closing up the wound.

Obviously if something is killing you, you have it removed. But surgery isn’t always that simple and straight-forward. You’re probably going to feel more acute pain after the surgery than before.

Sure when you’re plastered on the couch, tears come running down, you’ll wonder how God could allow you to feel so much pain.

But you’re on the path towards health.
Sometimes it’s only when you have pieces cut from you that you can become whole.
As long as you have tried your very very best.

And so, you must be thinking what does all of these words have to do with brewing coffee? Nope, nothing.

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