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Kahili Blundell  Holistic Nutritionist @kahiliblundellnutrition Australian UFC @ufcoctagongirls Mumma to Kora CN

Having a night out where apparently my usual mum bun + boyfriends tee isn't allowed.

Thanks for the gorgeous dress @whiterunway

Only 6 weeks old & already drawing crowds everywhere she goes.

You are so uncontrollably cute Kora, but O so devilish. #6weeksoldtoday #thatwhitehair

Just over here living the good life πŸ€™

I'm feeling a little sad today it's the first Aussie UFC card I haven't worked in 6 years 😭 #ufcadelaide. Missing the crew and all the fans.
I'll be back ringside for UFC234 #WHITTAKERVSGASTELUM #ufcaustralia #ufc #aussieoctagongirl #bringiton #postpartumcomeback #lovemyjob

Whipping out our birthday suits before the holiday season arrives & everyone takes over our little secluded oasis.

Our bodies are UNBELIEVABLE aren't they?! I had to the share this great graphic by @paigesnaturopathy to highlight the importance of the underestimated power of nutrition. Nutrient deficiencies can present to us in the physical body and by altering your diet alone you could see drastic improvements in your health.

Seeing this can be overwhelming as to what foods are best for what nutrients. There can also be other variables that can come into play when it comes to each person and their presenting symptoms. That's where WE come to play, consult with a qualified nutritional practitioner to get them to analyse your diet and make the appropriate dietary modifications for YOU @kahiliblundellnutrition πŸ‘πŸ’“

"Hey Mum, just wondering when you were going to make my first photo debut on Instagram?" "Well, you could have brushed my hair first, but ok. Ready, set, go!" πŸ“Έ

Kora May Neill | 27.10.2018 πŸ’“

Trying to focus on my mind body connection and letting my little girl know that we are so ready to meet you. This last week has been the hardest by far - the waiting game is the worst!! Lots of light pelvis movements to release any unwanted tension & ease discomfort, yoga stretches without over stretching & guided meditations to relax my anxious & extremely excited mind. Anyone else due this week? eeek! πŸ˜†

Training with my fav kit: @aktivaal

Lunch dates with Kye discussing big brother duties, baby sister names and most importantly "What did one volcano say to another volcano?..... I LAVA you" #39weekstoday

Enjoying our last beach days as one.

Yew, pretty keen to see how this one unfolds. Bring on UFC 229!
Looks like I'll be watching this one from home today.πŸ™πŸ‘Š #UFC229 #mcgregorvskhabib #aussieufcoctagongirl #australian #ufcoctagongirl #illbeback #ufcfam #missthem

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