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Kaeyi Dream  β™‘ Twitch Partnered Streamer, Video Content Manager, Spoonie, Gamer, Vegan & Introverted Extrovert! β™‘ #Sashaeyi! ☯️


I bleed a color that I've never seen.. A beauty that makes me complete! πŸ–€

High on the beat of a breakdown! 🎧

I'll carve into your ribs and leave you crying for a kiss.. Just for kicks! πŸ’‹

Honestly.. After such a weirdly sad, emotional and stressful week I didn't think tackling a game like Portal would be the best idea. But then.. 4 hours worth of stream later I'm sat here listening to the cutest end credits song in existence and I am just BURSTING with happiness. Thank you for all the love and for being the best community. Instead of worrying about this week being my last week at work before everything changes.. I'm gonna be humming along to Still Alive and thinking about how I wish I could portal to each and every one of you for big hugs! Life is so short and there's so much to do.. Yet so many of you choose to spend your time with me a couple times a week and I am forever grateful for sharing these experiences with you all! Mwah big love! You can all be my companion cubes! xo

Making real memories is stopping at the side of the road.. Putting a phone in someone's shoe and taking a super cheesy photo that we'll likely treasure for life! #RoadTrip #MerseaLoveIsland

Finally got an excuse to smash out the bikini! You won't get me out of it now.. I am fully embracing the bikini life. So glad I'm going away for the weekend with 5 beautiful people for some beach frolicking! #MerseaLoveIsland #ThisIsMeTanned #PaleAF β˜€οΈ

Fighting for air, I'll fight to survive.. My souls not for sale, I won't pay the price! πŸ—οΈ

My Uncle and his Wife sent me an incredible celebration hamper from Fortnum and Mason! What an amazing surprise this morning. The bottle label has such a cute message.. Definitely going to keep that and turn it into a drippy wax candle holder! 🍾

Just give it to me straight 'cause I'm running out of time.. I need an antidote, now what can you prescribe? πŸ’€

I have news that I'm pretty excited to share. Today I handed in my notice at my current (day) job because.. I've been offered and i've accepted a position as a video content manager in London. I'm equal parts excited and terrified of this opportunity but it's something I have been dreaming of getting back in to for 3 years now. I'm swapping chill leisurely walks to work for a London commute and my vans for office wear. This is the scariest jump I've taken to better my life and myself and I am so ready to leap. Its going to be my biggest challenge yet and I am so excited to grab life and take it for a ride. Thank you to each and every single one of you reading this for your support, love and encouragement to succeed.. I couldn't have done it without you. Whether you watched my first YouTube videos 5 years ago.. Just joined me for twitch adventures.. or you've been in my personal life.. I am so grateful for you and for making me the person I am today. I'm so excited to be creating content again.. Travelling.. Interviewing.. Editing.. Filming.. And working in an environment that I can thrive in! 26 year old me is waving and smiling at 23 year old me and I'm hopefully making her proud! I'm keeping every part of me crossed that I can make all of you proud too! Keep those fingers crossed for Kaeyi because Steffie is going to need it! 🀞🏻

I'm mid watching the Bethesda conference that I missed last night and there's a knock at my door.. Me being awkward me.. I skulk to my front door and swiftly unlock it ready to nerd fight and there's my little twin.. Standing there.. Flowers and card in hand! I FOUGHT BACK THE TEARS and gave her not one but TWO HUGS! SHE IS THE BEST! I can't wait to share with you why she's done this! <3

You got me nervous.. I'm right at the end of my rope! A half empty girl.. Don't make me laugh, I'll choke! πŸ₯€

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