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i have nothing funny to say

are you guys sick of pictures from this trip yet (say no) 📸: @helloimaugust

yeah i KNOW the balloons are cheesy but i don’t care because i’m cheesy as heck and i genuinely wish i even had enough words in my vocabulary to express how much this means to me. somehow i hit 1 million subscribers and i’m kinda STILL in shock?? thank you to every single person who’s ever subscribed to my channel and for sticking around & putting up with me. i’m so grateful for every single one of you and i would have never imagined that i could ever get here on my own so thank YOU for being the reason i got here. :) i love u. SO much. kinda wanna give all of you a hug and bake you a cupcake even though i hate cupcakes. this concludes my sappy paragraph i love u all ❤️❤️❤️—
(also yes I know @jazzy4nne just posted her 1m thing don’t yell at me I’m soft)

2 posts in one day and WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT

been missing my person a lot recently

let’s pretend i have a good caption for this :-) 📸: @yourfriendandre


completely real candid authentic laughter // 📸: @deaniechen


i frickin miss LA & everyone that was there :/ 📸: the talented @deaniechen


the cutest gal & the worst caption 🤪

yee (and I can not stress this enough) haw

i’ve come to the conclusion that i look better with my eyes closed

rated pg13

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