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Kaela Stephano  2016 Fittest 14-15 y/o on earth•2017 Fittest 16-17 y/o on earth•Crossfit Hype•Team USA•Saved by grace through faith 🙏🏻.

Did you guys know that Zevia now makes 8 different flavors of zero calorie, naturally sweetened organic tea??? 😱😱
I think I might have a new obsession!!! #zeviaathlete #zeviatea #bloodorangetea

But the real question is... how many cups is too many cups???? 😝#ftxwellness #allthecups #cuppingtherapy @brian_robert_ @ftxwellness

Lunches on the go are never complete without a Zevia! Sugar free, guilt free deliciousness!!!! #zeviaathlete #zeviacola #zeviasoda

Sunday meal prep: ✅
Fridge is stocked and ready for the week!
Prepped all of my meals and loaded all of the essentials, including my 2 favorite flavors of @zevia
Ps: Can you tell which shelf is mine??? 😝🙈
#zeviaathlete #zeviaislife

Offseason: #alltheweightlifting
Working on getting strong, putting on muscle, and making my lifts technically sound.
1.) 10 sets of 3 squat snatches (last 3 at 65kg). 2.) 11 sets of 1 squat clean+1 front squat (8sec pause at the bottom)+ 1 split jerk 😵 (last 3 at 83kg). ••• Headband: tactical black thin band @junkbrands (best headbands EVER!!) Shorts and sports bra: curtesy of @ftxwellness 😝
#strongereveryday #olympicweightlifting #roadtotheamericanopen2018

Cheers to officially being done with the first week of college classes! Junior year is off to a great start!!!!! #alwaysareasontocelebrate #zeviaathlete #zeviaenergy @zevia
Cup marks curtesy of @ftxwellness 😝 #ftxwellness #cupping

HUGE thank you to @junkbrands for hooking me up with some adorable, stylish headbands and a super cute cap!!!! Junk brands are my favorite headbands and I absolutely CANNOT WAIT to wear them all!!!!! #junkbrands #junkheadbands #allmyfavorites

Sore after a workout or need your muscles to perform better? Marc pro can help your muscles recover!! Use my code “STEPHANO” to get 5% off your @themarcpro order today!! #chooserecovery

Finally home after a much needed post CrossFit Games vacation. Powering through all of the unpacking thanks to Zevia energy! #zevia #zeviaenergy #zeviaathlete #sponsored

Thank you to @benyroro for being the best workout partner and coach I could ever ask for. Despite having shoulder surgery at the end of May, you managed to still find a way to train with me and push me. Thank you for all the time you have invested in my life over the past few years and for every second you spent on programming for me, working out with me, stretching with me, and working to make our dream come true. Thank you to the people who sacrificed every day of their summer to train with me and to help me reach my goal! @davidstevens8 @rj_baldoni @dannymac_0331 I can never thank you enough for pushing me and encouraging me on a daily basis and making me faster and stronger than ever! Thank you to @hype.rob @_taralynne_ and @crossfit_coach_faz for traveling all the way up to Wisconsin to cheer me on! And thank you to everyone back at home watching and cheering me on! It means the world to me! 😊 Thank you to my hype family for pushing me and encouraging me every single day! Thank you for every text, hug, and word of encouragement! I also want to thank my sponsors for supporting me on my journey. Thank you to @ftxwellness for keeping my body and muscles healthy and functioning at maximum capacity. Thank you to @zevia for all of your support! Thank you to @exosleeve for keeping my knees healthy and strong! And huge thank you to @nobullproject , @gainzbox and @bearkomplex for always sending me new gear and for supporting me from the beginning!
This may be my last year as a teen athlete but it’s only the beginning of my CrossFit journey!

(1/2) It’s been a tough week filled with a lot of tears....
I definitely didn’t show up at the CrossFit games this year expecting to get second place. However I proud of my effort because I did everything I could’ve done to prepare. I pushed myself to my limits each and every day in the gym, I kept my diet clean and weighed and tracked everything I ate, I sacrificed time with my friends, and I spent more time on recovery and sleep than I ever have. I truly believe that I am in the best shape of my life and that I showed up this year being the fittest version of me. I may have not accomplished what I set out to achieve but I can walk away knowing that I gave it everything I had. I left it all out on the competition floor. I EARNED SECOND PLACE AND I AM PROUD OF WHAT I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH!!!! •••• First and foremost, I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who has given me the strength and ability to compete! I pray that my life is an example of God’s never ending love and goodness. “In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew‬ ‭5:16‬
Thank you to my family for everything they have sacrificed in order for me to live out my dream! Thank you for always supporting me, encouraging me, and for for being my #1 fans. I love you guys!! @tishstephano @rickstephano @brodystephano @callie_stephano Thank you to my grandparents Mimi and Gpop for traveling all the way from Georgia to cheer me on!

There’s nothing like getting a 5lb Pr on your split jerk at the #crossfitgames
2 days down... 2 to go. #itsnotovertillitsover #fightingtilltheend👊 #Godisfaithful #Godsgotme

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