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Kaelyn Brazil  Hi, I'm Kaelyn! I'm a momma of two beautiful boys and I take pictures of them. A lot of pictures. 😁

I’ve never considered myself a “city” person but I’m sure gettin’ more country each year. 🤠🐴🥧

Everything is better with your best friend 💙💙 #brazbros #bowensladebrazil #brantleymichaelbrazil

The weekend consisted of camping, river rafting, apple and wild flower picking and lots of family outdoor time with my phone off! It was magical 😁

Little bro started soccer today and boy was he hilarious. I got to sit on the sidelines and snap away 📷 enjoying the show. More pics in my story of our full of life, wild child! And if you’re wondering...he literally did a front dive into all the balls and rested his body on them 🤦‍♀️ #ohbo #bowensladebrazil

The little joys in life should always celebrated ❤️ #brantleymichaelbrazil

First official #soccermom moment... I was in charge of snack. Pretty sure when God made me he gave me the gift of wanting to serve others and this may sound silly but serving those snacks to those boys made my heart full and allowed me to show God’s love and grace in a tangible way. Did I go over the top and were there too many snacks, maybe 🤷‍♀️...but doesn’t He do the same for us?
#brantleymichaelbrazil #bowensladebrazil #brazbros

Brantley’s first real ⚽️ game and @darrenbraz first time coaching. I think they both have a love for the game! I’m so proud of them!!

Not sure what they would do without each other. 💙💙 #brazbros #brantleymichaelbrazil #bowensladebrazil

He woke up so excited it was his first day and couldn’t wait to get there. I am so proud of this boy and his love for school. Now lets hope this year he tells me more about his day than just playing outside 😝 #brantleymichaebrazil

What my next few decades at the baseball field will look like...#bowensladebrazil #brantleymichaelbrazil #brazbros

Hubs took the kids to church this morning so I could have a peaceful morning to get ready alone...for sure no gift compares to that. He’s the man of my dreams 😍 #itsthesimplethings

They acted like I was gone for weeks and ran to me when I pulled up to the house...Maybe I should take more day trips 🤷‍♀️ #bowensladebrazil #brantleymichaelbrazil #brazbros

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