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Warning: Side effects of replacing sleep with caffeine and sugar may include chasing the sunrise and urges to leap.

-Mark 16:6
Because Jesus performed the ultimate act of love for us, life is beautiful.
#easter #utahisrad #happyearth

"The divine in me honors the divine in you"

Everyone who got through my Capitol Reef adventures snapchat story today deserves a medal because it's way too long. #cassidyarch #crnp #pioneerchildrensangastheywalked #seekadventure #springbreak

Spray painting doesn't mean someone's a rebel..;)

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."

"No matter what your past has been, you have a spotless future." Hugh B Brown

I love these people.
I love Arches NP.
I love life.

•I cautiously but quickly marched
to the delicate arch,
clinging tightly to my Fender,
because the wind no mercy did render. •My grip had to be strong
In order to play my song.
The wind tugged and pulled,
Unafraid to be bold. •The song I played ceased.
But I was given peace.
Sitting under the rock so magnificent
At Arches NP where today we went. •My poem might be silly, even dumb
And this choice resulted in fingers numb.
The wind was cold! But it was worth it.
For I knew God was there, watching a bit. •Songs end, and so do hiking trails.
And as I learn guitar, I experience fails.
Strong winds of life will tear at me, yes
And try to numb me, or create a mess.
•But God's grip holds tight,
So I can have the power to do right.
He loves all of us, gave us this earth!
Don't doubt that, and remember your worth.

I still think about Malaysia and Singapore everyday, the people and the place, but today especially. And Chen Ying looks so cute here so really I had no choice but to post.

I need to get out of Provo.

Targhee was so clear and warm that we had to find other excuses for falling
#targhee #shreddingtoohard #cantkeepupwithourselves #seekadventure

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