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  Make my dick hard, not my life.


If you're tagged I love you :)

I just want too kiss you to be honest

What comes around goes around

Well hey

Over it to be honest

lol just completely forget about me.. That's cool 👌

Didn't know people could be that stupid. laughing right now.

Ya okay...


And every single time I look in to your eyes
I see a little bit more sunshine
I feel a little bit more like me
Instead of who I turned out to be
I wouldn’t trade it for a thing
Could I call you my baby?
And I know that you’re all shook up
From a terrible relationship
He broke your heart
Yeah, he tore you in to pieces
But I promise you dear
I’ll never touch you like he did
So baby, please take my hand
And you’ll never be alone again
Cause I know he broke your heart
But I’ll love you ‘til the end


Dear future girlfriend,
I don't know where to begin but ill start here. I love you baby soo much your my girl correction your my princess. You may not see it yet but your perfect to me. Your beauty doesn't compare to anyone else don't ever think less of yourself. Your mine and only mine, I don't share my most prized possessions. I will make sure that every day you feel special and wanted. When your sad I will hold you close and whip away your tears and tell you everything will be ok. I will never lie to you if I promise you something you can be sure of it that ill keep it. I will try my hardest to always be their. I'm not perfect but ill try for you baby girl. You will be the best thing that's ever been mine and yes I just used taylor swift lyrics.. Don't judge me 😂 but anyways whenever your with me you won't pay for anything ill take you where ever you want if you want to go to Victoria secrets I don't mind ;)) ill buy you a cat cause I love cats if you want ill do your hair I don't mind if you want to do my makeup sure go ahead but I want to do yours after 😏 honestly baby I could write a book about you and how much I love you well this is getting really long but baby once I find you ill never let you go I won't let anyone hurt you I love you more than I love myself tbh and never think I don't love you because my love for you can't be put into words. I hope I find you soon baby girl I love you

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