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She say she love me, she dont even know my real name ♥🚫
cant tell if i like this or not but shawn picked♥👀

Well I'm so tired of the rain
Falling softly on the ground
Just enough to get my feet wet
But not enough to let me drown

I've been laying in my bed
Wishing I had never woken
Begging God to rid my head
Of every word you've ever spoken

Broke my knuckles on the wall
Because I thought about the call
Where you said you'd always love me
Do you not tell the truth at all?

Well if I ever cross your mind
Make sure you write down the times
So I will know the moments
I was eating you alive

And now I lay here
Waiting with the hope that
I might find some sleep
I need some sleep tonight
'cause I've been waiting on your call
But I know it will never come
But I'm still waiting by the phone

And don't you dare, don't you dare
Say you ever loved me
Or even tell me that you cared
'cause you knew what you were doing
And you know just what you've done

bury me in black roses🌷


whoops i od'd

tell me awful things🥀

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