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Kaddi 🐾  πŸ”₯ Cosplaymodel from Germany πŸ’₯ 21 Years old (20th April) πŸ”₯ Russian-Kazakh πŸ’₯ Business: KaddiCosplay@outlook.com

Aaaand another Miku, let's all appreciate Miku πŸ’— I'm currently working on my thesis papers so not that much new content but damn prof herself said she may have overdone it a bit with her expectations cause dude :'))) it's too much. it's not even that hard it's just much. and it eats time. and that's annoying

anyway I did my homework and watched Higurashi and oh boiI I can't wait to talk about it tomorrow on Twitch with my Bro as a Guest so mAKE SURE YOU TUNE IN because it's also his birthday tomorrow sob do it for him (GMT +2 (i know i said +1 at first but forgot stupid summer time exists) 8 PM. :3
until then guys, don't die and keep drinking water πŸ’§

Bless @micheltakuma for this picture πŸ™
Thank you for working with me!
Taken at @pixelmaniaevent
#pixelmania [unpaid Ad]

bUt KaDdI tHiS iS rAcInG sUiT 2017 bUt iTs 2018 I KNOW SHTFKPP

I like this the most tho ok and I haven't really done lots of Vocaloid stuff and I LOVE vocaloid so got time! And since I didn't manage to take a decent Selfie this is the first you really get to see from it! Funnily enough I /really/ thought this is gonna look more sexy on me? But not at all XD This happens to me a lot. I get a cosplayidea and I think it's gonna look on me a certain way but then it has the absolute opposite effect XD But I mean, I'm not even mad! I like this, too! Thanks a lot to Michel for bearing me as a model, I'm sure it's not easy to work with a noob like me XD But I wanna have more photoshoots in the future so I won't be as awkward anymore in front of the cam. So bear with me while I'm learning!
For now, I hope you like this result :3 🐦🌻🌼

Thanks for the stream today β™‘ It was so much fun πŸ’•
I'll try to stream weekly Saturday or Sunday! But bear with me while I settle in XD and before people ask again, my Twitch Name is KaddiCosplay, too XD [unpaid Ad]
Lenses from @ttdeye_official (Code "KaddiCosplay" for a 10% discount 🐢) I wanna start copying more pictures like that πŸ€“ Of course I was very limited due to it being a Selfie but I tried 😎 It's fun and I think it's a way to practice accuracy :3 Do you like it?
I will try to do that in the future πŸ‘Œ
Artist of the picture is @mosu_g on Twitter :3

Magical Girl D.Va πŸ’—πŸ¬
I play to win (who are we kidding I never win)

You know what I sometimes think about? If you have a certain reach, should you try to share morals and raise awareness for topics that are not necessarily involved with you as an artist?
I often see myself feeling like I was gifted with a somewhat big audience (i mean i know 10k is nothing to some but damn bois it is more than people that live in my village) so I HAVE to do something more important than just share my work. But whenever I attempt to mention controversial but important topics, there is always negative feedback involved, because people disagree with your moral views or even complain when you say something unrelated to your work. But then again, people also get upset when people with a following DON'T use it to promote things of greater purpose. So I'm always conflicted. Whenever I do mention sth serious, even if it's 100% well intended and I feel like it's important and right, I still feel like Hagrid "I should not have said this" πŸ˜‚
Do you think social media people with a following should speak out, they're supposed to use their reach to change something? Or should they stay silent, noone cares anyway, they're here to deliver art/cosplay not politics?
Honestly, I understand both sides in a way... at the end of the day I'll just do what my heart tells me to and what I find right, but I'm really curious about your opinion!:3

As always, I hope you like this pic πŸ’•

[Unbezahlte Werbung]
I felt like Candy! 🍭
Wig @uniqso
Lenses @pinkyparadisedotcom
Choker @kittensplaypenofficial
Hoodie @chibi.bunny
That day I felt like trying out something colorful and cute πŸ‡ But sometimes I feel like I'm not creative enough XD Well no, let me correct that, I think I /am/ creative, just not in a good way XD like I often feel like my ideas don't look good irl. But I think this type of stuff comes with practice. A lot of Fashion Bloggers I follow are actually also good at drawing and/or study design stuff and create a lot of fashion doodles, which explains why their fashion sense is always so on point! I on the other hand don't draw well at all XD And I often feel colorblind, too lol. And I get a lil sad when my ideas don't end up looking as good as in my head XD but that won't stop me from trying and improving :3 I really love fashion even if it's not my talent but that's pretty much what I always do XD I know I'm not good at many things but I still do them cause it's fun and there's no harm in trying πŸ€“πŸ˜Ž
Anyway I hope you guys like this picture still! If you have certain fashion pics or bloggers you like feel free to dm me and show me for new inspiration X3 πŸ’•

[unpaid Ad]

I am happy to announce that I am partnered with @yesstyle , one of my favourite shops, to host a giveaway for 2 x US$ 100 COUPONS!
This is NOT just for women! Yesstyle also offers a broad variety of male fashion, and the giveaway is international so the Giveaway is for literally everyone! And 2 WINNERS! 🐰

- Follow @KaddiCosplay and @yesstyle - Like this post
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That's all πŸ’•
2 Winners will be announced next Friday, 14th of September
Good Luck to everyone β™‘

If you have any questions DM me :3

Shirt+Shorts on the Pic are from @Yesstyle

We love ourselves some Mashu 🐢
Be nice to kouhai
Thinking about streaming on Saturday/Sunday πŸ€“ I hope that's an ok day for you!
Also I'm super tired today so no novel today sorry!

Racing Shimakaze 🏁🏁🏁
Gotta go fast
I felt incredibly bloated that day. Is dis what pregnancy feels like? [Unpaid Ad]
Lenses by @geolenses (Use Code "KaddiCosplay" for a discount 🏁) So the other day I actually got a DM asking me if I could give some personal Uni Advice from my experience, since Uni is starting soon for many. And why not, buckle up kiddos Kaddi Senpai got some shitty advices for you XD
Disclaimer: I followed neither of these and made my Uni Life way harder than it would have been otherwise πŸ˜‚ So learn from my mistakes
1) If you can choose courses yourself, don't pack all of them in the beginning (you will die) but also don't postpone them all to the last semester (you will die)
2) Don't feel bad if you can't manage all exams right away. Uni can be extremly overwhelming and sometimes you might feel like you just won't be able to pass that exam right now. If you can try to put it into the next semester, do it. Better than overworking yourself and having a small mental breakdown and end up failing the exam XD
3) Study. Daily.
Don't. Do. It. All. 1. Week. Before. The. Exam. XD I do that always and always want to kms
4) Participate in Uni Activities! Go to Introduction Parties, it's a great way to find friends :3 And then you won't be lonely the whole first semester like me XD (But don't drink too much)

Any advice you wish you would've followed?XD I may be studying some years already but it's never too late for tips 😎

Another Cosplay I had for a while that I can finally show you πŸ’•
I know btw that the Shimakaze Racing Version has other boots but .. I yet don't have them =w=" But I was still so excited about this that I wanted to costest it already nevertheless X3 Hope you like it!

Cosplaying Shimakaze really puts me in such a nostalgic mood, because she was my first "real" cosplay. I attended my first big convention with the Shimakaze Cos! And right away learned that I probably should NOT attend cons with such a short skirt XD But nevertheless I also met so many amazing talented people for the first time and it got me thinking..
I've been to SO many places and met SO many people JUST through that hobby. When I started, I was imagining taking pics here and there with one friend but I never imagined experiencing SO much. Cosplay has been really so rewarding for me 😭. If someone would've told me that one day Cosplay is gonna get me this far, I wouldn't have believed it.
I know one day this is gonna end, like everything does, but it's already a time of my life I'll tell my grandchildren about I swear. So many stories 😍 BUT I am still not ready to let this end JUST yet, sorry 😎
You'll see much more of me!πŸ˜„ I'm gonna head to bed now good night πŸ’€πŸ’€

Today was a long day so I don't feel like writing much but I just wanna express how thankful I am to be where I am and it's all because of your support ;w; β™‘ [Unpaid ad]
Laffey (Azur Lane) Cosplay+Wig from @uwowocosplay
Lenses @geolenses (Both code "KaddiCosplay" for a discount 🐰)

Meow Meow Mofo [Unpaid Ad 🐱] Ears+Choker @kittensplaypenofficial
Shirt @yesstyle
Wig @youvimi
Lenses @geolenses (Use Code "KaddiCosplay" for a discount 🐱) Iiii just had my first test stream on twitch! Just seeing how everything works.
A lot of people say they're somewhat entertained by my tweets so I thought it might be even funnier like, without the tweets πŸ˜‚ Probably not but still.. It was still without video because I wanted to get used to the stream itself first before having to actually care how I look on the stream...XD and well, I also couldn't seriously shower for a week now due to my lil surgery so πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ idontlooktoogoodrn
I also have like 20 mods now so lmao I hope I'm gonna be safe XD
I'm actually really proud that I finally sat down and did everything I had to do to get the stream working (getting faster internet, clearing legal things, save up and buy a better computer etc etc) because it's been something I considered doing since FOREVER. I have sooo many ideas I wanna do and I hope you guys get to see them all soon!

If you guys have any suggestion or tips please let me know! Hope I can soon start doing that at least once a week :3
For now, I'm heading to bed, night guys πŸ’•

HEY GUYS REMEMBER DATE A LIVE? I'm 20 years late for the hype BUT I'M HERE
First of all, how do I say this, thanks for not bullying me about yesterday's video LMAO. I think my irl friends took it with humour, too, so I'm safe XD

I never planed on actually cosing Yoshino? I didn't like Date a Live (I don't like most Harem Animes in general BUT OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB) and Yoshino's Design is.....
My mom asked if I'm cosplaying a lizard and that is big mood. I have a friend who has like some kind of Cosplay Rental Thingy and he always gives them to me first so I cut the wig and you know test out the cosplay. And I never say no to free Cosplays even from characters I don't like too much.
But oh boy, this cosplay is not really good irl :( Tbh I think I don't look like Yoshino at all because of the simple reason that my head ain't as big as hers LMAO. I tried to uh "fluff the wig" more through photoshop but it didn't change that much I think. And also the headpart of the coat was too heavy, would always fall down and make my wig messy 😭 I will post a vid in my story of what I mean.
From my experience some Designs just do not work well irl. Like Megumin, same problem, hat would ALWAYS fall down. Did you have an experience like that before? Just something that sounded way better in theory than rl ? πŸ˜‚

All I can advice is think well if what you wanna cosplay will actually work irl or if it will even be possible to go to a con in that. Because in the end if it doesn't work out well irl you might be very disappointed :(

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