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Kaddi 🐾  πŸ”₯ Cosplaymodel from Germany πŸ’₯ 21 Years old (20th April) πŸ”₯ Russian-Kazakh πŸ’₯ Business: KaddiCosplay@yahoo.de

Me > just took a shower, is wearing a bathrobe
> Alcohol on the table > fuc*ing desperate housewives vibes

May I present you, me in 20 Years

Sorry but I decides to post more random stuff and these pictures have such a cocky vibe I lile them LOL

My favourite comments on twitter "You look like you just took all of my belongings after the divorce" and "10/10 would hide a body at my construction site for you" (which sounds creepy if you don't get the reference but issa good comment)


Vampire Girl Shinobu 🍩 (Werbung)
Lenses: Mystery Yellow by @ttd_eye (Code "KaddiCosplay" for a discount!)
First of all Happy New Year πŸŽ‰ YES I know I've been gone a little but I spend my holidays with my loved ones and I ended up having such a good time that I barely took pics or checked Social Media, sorry! But in the end it was indeed a nice break and I'm back fully fresh //w//. How were your holidays?

Also got the chance to make a Shinobu Cosplay Test β™‘ Idk why but I really like blonde wigs and generally characters like her. (Also casually showing off my nice holiday nails 😎) I have lots of New Years Resolutions and many include Social Media stuff so I hope I'll reach all my goals πŸ’ͺ Wishing you all the best for yours!

Bat Lady is backk
How are your preparations for Christmas going? πŸ˜„
I pretty much finished everything at the beginning of the week so I'm done 8) Do you even celebrate Christmas?πŸ€” Lenses @pinkyparadisedotcom
Dress + Wig @lolita_kawaiishoes
Bat Accesoires @youvimi

Yaaay! πŸ’• I will be guesting at @epiccon.de together with so many talented guests! snsnlss;oqldp I'm so excited ;////; I hope I get to see you there >///<
If you haven't purchased a ticket yet use code "KADDI10" for a discount :3

Also since I know many Anime Fans want to study Japanese, I will be holding a panel there about learning Japanese for beginners and I'm ready to answer any questions related to that :3 Also after that will be a short Q&A about other stuff like my cosplay and my career but idk if anyone's interested in that XDD

I hope I get to see you there and I'd be happy if you came by my booth or panel to chat a bit :3

No Makeup, but it has a filter so does it even count?

I wanna upload more stuff even though it's just such low quality uninteresting stuff XD

I get a lot of questions how I look without Makeup and I never really understand why? Does it matter to know how I look like without Makeup?XD If you wanna know if I look worse, of course I do, my eyebrows stop growing midway XD Of course my skin doesn't look nearly as flawless without Makeup. I personally never care how a cosplayer I like looks without Makeup. Can you guys maybe explain why some people have this curiosity?

Which are you today? πŸ˜‚

I had so much fun taking such derpy weird pictures. XD Also big thanks to my friend Thi for helping me edit the bottom middle pic. Cause for some reason I can only look cross-eyed with one eye, the other doesn't really follow XD And it looked so weird and fucked up? So she helped me fix it XD My eyes are just weird.

I decorated my room all Christmas style like and now I'm ready for Christmas Holidays =w=v To celebrate Christmas this year, I wanna give away 2 x one A4 Print in each Stream I do till Christmas for all Subscribers/Donators (1$ counts too!). I would be happy if you joined :3 This evening for example 7 PM GMT+1 :3 Hopefully see you later πŸ’•

What better way to celebrate NGE coming to Netflix? =w=v
Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion πŸ’•
Lenses : @queenslens
The Anime with the best Opening ever (don't @ me you know I'm right).
I haven't finished NGE yet so I'm really happy I can finally *coughs* legally *coughs* finish NGE 😎
I've loved Rei's and Asuka's Design for a while and I love the bodysuits (I mean those designs hella dope for a rather old Anime) but a Plugsuit can easily look cheap/bad (imo) and since I don't have the money to do the actual plugsuit I looked for alternatives. Which was Racing Suit for Rei and the Swimsuit for Asuka.
I've wanted to take pics of Asuka in Summer cause now it's HELLA COLD :') But I deserve to suffer so it's fine uwu

Also I used to love-hate this angle cause it made my hips look wide (yay) but my thighs fatter (nay) but Anime Culture taught me to appreciate thicc πŸ‘Œ thighs so πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also just..just s-- about the light ok ; ___ ; It's winter and it's getting dark fast but ringlight only makes my face bright so it looks like my body has a completely different skin color but THAT'S NOT THE CASE XD

Sharp Nails best weapo-- I mean nails πŸ€“
Bowsette πŸ˜Žβ™ οΈ
By now I've cut my nails down again XD It'd hard to have them cause I'd constantly poke and hurt myself, and destroyed several pantyhose XD Rip.
I personally really liked my Makeup with Bowsette :3
Even tho I know Boosette is cuter, I felt like doing a lil more cheeky character >:3 What about you, Boosette or Bowsette? Cheeky or Innocent? Which do you prefer?πŸ’•

Meet me at the playground at 3 PM tomorrow let's 1on1 but no biting and scratching ok

Kizuna Ai desu. 😎

After the Pewdiepie Collab I kinda got into her (a lil late I knooow) and her original design didn't wow me but this had me very much like yAs. And I had so much fun taking these pics if you can't tell XD I had so much fun trying out different emotions and well my fav that I seem to always nail best cause I feel that emotion 24/7 is angery so here you go XD will post more of that soon tho πŸ€“

Also gonna do her headphones and then wear it at a con β™‘

Nerf dis πŸ’•
D.Va πŸ˜‹
You already saw it in the calender but here it is πŸ€“
Photographer @rendomfotografu (Werbung wegen Namensmarkierung)

This will also be available as a Print soon :3 Hope you like it :3

This was like a 10/15 Minute Photoshooting cause we had to go somewhere else and I think for that amount of time, we did well XD

Some after Stream Selfies πŸ’ž
This Filter makes my wig look beautiful and my lenses POP so NO FILTER HATE PLZ OK
Lenses @ttdeyeofficial (Code "KaddiCosplay" for a discount πŸ’) If you can't tell already basically I did a Make-Up Test for K/DA Ahri or Ahri just in general and I think the lenses are PERFECT for that πŸ€“
While I usually try to make sure my Selfies have a decent light and editing, sometimes it's also fun to just derp around late at night with a filter :3 I hope you like those! (Also I edited a little fang cause I think it looked cute πŸ˜‹) THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR HELPING ME REACH MY KO-FI GOAL πŸ’ž As a thank you I'll post lots of content these weeks I hope X3

Aaaand my Halloween idea number II πŸ’ž
Gothic Kitty 🐱
Bralette @yesstyle
Lenses @ttd_eye (Use code "KaddiCosplay" for a Discount πŸ’•) Speaking of the lenses MAN I love them! Those are the most colorful vibrant purple lenses I ever owned. This is barely edites and they're so crazy!
Also I love how a lil lipgloss on the lip cab give the whole Makeup a total different look :3

I'm happy I got to finish my two Halloween Ideas so shortly after Halloween. Next I will focus on a Cosplay again β™‘ Hope you like it!

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