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The look you get when you won't share your Girl Scout cookies (*i can never post my babies too much)

Haha I love my parents

Today was a big day. We went to the dog park and princess Olive and Sam Sam did great. But it might have been too much for this guy. He is dog aggressive so we stayed on the leash. I never thought about how scary and stressful it must be for him to think every dog is gonna hurt him or me. He is so protective and loyal. Additionally, his back legs don't work well so I had to carry him back up the hill to the car. I love my 2 perfect angel dogs but this imperfect one is so special to me- knowing he trusts me and feels safe with me means everything to me. He was so wiped he about fell asleep in the tub. Even though he's a foster, I can't imagine my life or my little family without this Blue dog.💙

These little goobers #dogs

I know I am a crazy dog lady. Blue is very dog aggressive, the first time he meets a dog he goes ape shit. But he has proved that once he is used to someone he will calm down. He only freaks out now if there is too much stimulation. These two good boys can hang out calm now 99% of the time!

This happy boy is still getting used to the Albachten house but he sure is happy when I spend some 1:1 time with him without the other kids. #dog #dogsofinstagram

Sam Sam making himself at home and finally comfortable in bed 💙

How many selfies can I post? I've been wanting to try out the dark navy lips look so I finally bought some. Only looks (kinda) good after I put about 6 pounds of black eyeshadow on. #nyx #themoreyouknow 🌈

Eyebrow people/ makeup people : how do I make my eyebrows #onfleek ?