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It’s such a beautiful day outside...so I decided to have my #God time in my backyard this morning. And I began to think about every opportunity that went sour, every dollar taken from me under false pretense, every phone call/text/email not returned. Every deflated hope or dream. •

I then began to think about my future, with a smirk on my face about all that’s coming my way as a defense mechanism to mask the hurt, disappointment & pain. I never cared why these things happened to me, I cared about the lack of communication & integrity in handling me. I’m ok with hard conversations. We grow from them.

But then I rebuked that “stunting” spirit & ask God to take over my thoughts & my intentions. To not bless me if it’s used to be arrogant or cause me to not walk in humility. To give me blinders & forgiveness. And make every blessing about glorifying him & never about stunting on those who stepped on me! •

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You can’t worry & have faith at the same time. Pick a side! Either you trust or you don’t. You decide. Wishing you a faith filled, worry less day! 💋KK •

AND SHOUT OUT TO MY BROTHER @thebcrayon FOR CREATING THIS DOPE VISUAL MOTION #QUOTE. Follow him, check him out and get yours! ••••••• #dreamprayhustle #bosswomenpray #bossmenpray #bosskidspray

So I hear it’s #WorldBookDay ? While so many #books have been a blessing to me over my life. I must celebrate my catalog as an #author ...which continues to blow my mind with their impact....still!! •
* #PrettyPainful my first book about “Can Looks Really Kill”, the hurt often hidden beneath a beautiful appearance. And I’m reminded of my conversation with @patsmithty when she told be it needs to be reintroduced NOW! It is available for instant download in my bio link under my products. •
* #BossWomenPray, the world’s first #prayer guide for entrepreneurs and leaders * #BossMenPray * #BossKidPray ABC’s Prayers for a Child’s Life....Power words and prayers for kids! •
Available in bio link!

Look at GOD!!!! 🙌🏾 First, a friend of mine orders 27 copies for a homeless shelter, now someone orders 25 copies, just to pass out to kids! And schools have contacted me to add to their curriculum!!! BUT GOD!!! Have you ordered #BossKidsPray for your kiddos? I’ve received so many DMs & emails about how #kids want to read it every night and how their language is changing about life! I’m moved to tears of gratitude! So thankful for the support!!! Link in bio or visit https://linktr.ee/kachellekelly •••••••••
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It’s HERE! And ready to ship! #BossKidsPray #ABCs #Prayers for a #Childs Life! Tees, onesies & book available NOW! Join the #family movement today! {Link in bio} ••••• #bosswomenpray #bossmenpray

You are responsible for your followers!

Since, I’ve ruffled a few feathers today with my last post...I’ll continue. For #celebrities, those in #business, #lifestyle #blogging or just the desire to be “famous”, #socialmedia is about #followers & increasing those followers. To gain more customers, audiences, #sales, stay relevant or just ears to listen to your inner thoughts. Whatever the case, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR FOLLOWERS & WHERE YOU ARE LEADING THEM! •

Some people are getting too caught up in instaFAME & neglecting the fact you have positioned yourselves as “leaders” whether you’ve asked for it or not! What you say or do becomes “bible” to those who seek direction, clarity, confirmation and unfortunately for some who aren’t as mentally strong. They will seek your opinion before #google or watching @cnn

In relation to my last post, are we leading with purpose or perpetrating a culture that is not sustainable to most? Are we breeding desires that aren’t lasting? Some #Millennials see this as a way of life to go after things vs fostering real life & genuine connections! Mark 8:36 is the reason I wrote #BossWomenPray & #BossMenPray, “And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?”

Some of y’all with over 1K followers are losing it! You’re leading...but where are y’all going? When a person doesn’t have #Vision they emulate #Visuals ...so what are you teaching that will carry someone 1-5-10 years from now? •

Three type of KEY intelligence to have as a leader, INTELLECTUAL (book smarts, knowing your stuff) EXECUTIVE (wisdom & intuition) & EMOTIONAL (understand people & your emotions)! Too many are leading simply on #HUSTLE #GRIND & #LABELS! Everyone that you encounter, that follow you, listen to you...has been selected by #God...TO YOU! Handle them wisely! •

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I promise I’m not throwing any shade but I honestly want to know because it’s so confusing & honestly, disheartening. It speaks to an inner issue that no one is brave enough to address!! Why? •

It breeds contempt, envy, bad spending habits, low self esteem, non ingenious #friendships & #business partnerships, vanity just to name a few things. It’s even leaked over into #church folk! Those of us that are becoming successful, what are we really teaching #women with this new visual “#marketing” model? And it’s just US doing this! I know so many women with a collection of #Chanel, #rolexes, #cars that wouldn’t be caught dead constantly posting this. So, is it a new #money mentality? And their #followers have become cheerleaders of this, gleaming and striving to do the same? Only in our “culture”....

And why is it just “us” behaving this way? And if someone speaks about it or criticizes it, they are seen as jealous or “hating” which is ridiculous! At least #celebrities obtain sponsors for their #brand affiliation, have financial advisors & hopefully burial insurance and retirement funds, but no one post about that! •

Yeah, I’m starting ish...let’s start this week off proper! And then we are notorious for subliminal clap backs 😏 but at the end of the day, I love y’all and want US to do better!!! I love women, especially my sisters...help me understand! We are responsible for the energy we put out and you are smart & valuable! You got your #success out the mud, so you are enough to admire and listen to without all the bells & whistles! Aren’t you? Remember, our girls are watching...

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It’s settled!!!! I’m looking at my schedule every Sunday & choosing one day (w/o announcements) to NOT #post, scroll, read, tap on notifications, nada! •

No social media day once per week! •
It feels impossible, especially as #business owners to unplug from #SocialMedia but I believe it’s necessary. A day where MY opinion is the only one, I think or read, or matters. A day of non comparison, non judgment. A day to listen to my inner and #spiritual thoughts. To have a good #hair & #makeup day with the perfect #ootd without the need for anyone else to agree. When a #selfie doesn’t solidify my self worth. •
A day to self #motivate myself outside a world full of #memes. A day to remember how powerful, beautiful, smart, favored & blessed I am, without the permission or validation of others. A day to take back my true self, BEFORE social media. To talk to my friends & family without DM or IM! If this is a struggle, there lies the problem!!!! •

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In case you don’t understand me... #ambivert #bosswomenpray

{PEEP INSTASTORY} Big Mama Sunday Edition: Fun spin on #Meatloaf + portion control! #MeatloafMuffins and for the “icing”, whipped mashed potatoes, #JackDaniels glazed carrots & collard greens! FOLLOW @bosswomencook •••••• #BossWomenCook #bigmamasundays @jackdaniels_us

I spy #BossKidsPray Go Miss Trinity! {#Book, #Tee & Onesies available NOW in bio link} ••••

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