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Kaylie Morton  ☆scottsdale az ☆arizona state alum

Monday’s are for metal concerts 🤘🏻


shoutout to beetle juice for the outfit inspo 🕸🧟‍♂️

Fork yaaaaaa I'm done with this Bachelor of Science in Community Health 👩🏼‍🎓Now off to the next degree 😛Shoutout to all of my family & friends for supporting me, I love y'all 💖

I can't believe I graduate from ASU next week!! 😈❤️👩🏼‍🎓#forkem

brb moving to new mexico so I can eat spicy burritos everyday for the rest of my life 🌶 thanks for the adventure @alyssandradigregory

eatin turkey in albuquerque

don't be a prick 🌵

happy 22nd birthday coco puff!! 💋ilysm jk ur actually satan & I h8 u haha anyways please never leave me bc we all know u can't survive w/o me

I'm here way too often but who's complaining 🎰🍾

off to the races 🏁

thought I'd be getting bottles of Dom for my bday by now but these $10 rosés will do! #22 🎉🍰

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