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M. Kaan Bozdemir  Sometimes I may feel literally tired of getting big pleasures and new tastes..., but giving'em to others will always be my challenging mission. -MKB

That's why, to be able to find peace, mankind should stop listening to the politicians and religious leaders! #mlk #mlkday

Osmanoğulları'nın bir bölümü...

I have been having hard time to decide on my mission of the day since I was a kid... since you have thaaaat many options... 🙈
#tbm #wheniwasakid

Are you still a NEANDERTHAL or have you improved yourself to be a civil human?
#behuman #bekind #betrulykind

Actually, we are physically not much different at all... Some taller, some more skinny, some darker, some with blue eyes... So what? The real beauty is inside! Neither your colored hair, nor your silicons all around your face and body will make you more beautiful or any different. It is just an act of dispair. We are born original, but most die as a fake! Why don't you work on your inner beauty, my friend? #innerbeauty #stayoriginal

So I dream... and demand! #philosophy

02.12.2017 MAZARINE SUARE @Cağaloğlu Hamamı
expect the unexpected!

It is all about how you see it... A horror movie setting or a mystical beauty...

"c'è una crepa in ogni cosa ed è da lì che entra la luce." "there is a crack in everything and it is where the light comes from."
- Leonard Cohen

Ne kadar zaman geçerse geçsin, bu milleti senin çizdiğin yoldan ayırmaya kimsenin gücü yetemeyecek! Bu millet bir kez daha senin adın altında birleşecek! #atam #mkb #ölümsüzlük

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