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Kaate Tafaro  crazy dog lady by day. peds/PICU nurse by night. running at any point in between. ~ Marathon Maniac ~ GO PACK GO 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚

who needs an alarm clock between shifts when you could have brock swinging his orthotic inches from your face and hammer kicking you shoulder 😒😣😠

my mom is cooler than your mom 😆 #dopeychallenge2018 blanket done! and apparently in record time. betty don’t mess around! #rundisney

things i did this weekend: 1) woke up everyday on vacation between 2:30 and 3 a.m. 2) busted out a 10k at an 8:20 pace 3) completely pissed off one of the nicest people anyone knows for approx 45 min while forcing her into a half marathon PR (that’s you @dopeyrunnerk ) 4) “ran” a marathon with a strained achilles and nasty plantar fasciitis in both feet, 5) WENT TO HARRY POTTER WORLD 😍 and most importantly 6) finished 48.6 miles. special shoutout to @baileyykristine and @susantafaro for their above average spectator abilities 😁 glad it’s over but i’m still an idiot and would do it again #dopeychallenge #disneyworld #marathon #halfmarathon #10k #5k #48point6

future olympian. immaculate form. what a beaut. #olympics2020

all this really means is i’ll do nearly anything for a “free” t-shirt #dopeychallenge #disneyworld #48point6magicalmiles

“where do you want to focus today?”
“well. everything hurts all the time and i’m always tired, stressed, or both. so...there???” #knotsonknotsonknots #massage

12 hours later, #boyfrannbrock is back, still drunk off anesthesia, leg hardware out, and he can go thru metal detectors unnoticed 👍🏻 i think he’s having ptsd back to the club leg days though #dogsofinstagram

i may not know if i got into the chicago marathon yet but i DO know i’m going to disney world 🙌🏻 #dopeychallenge #disneyworld #marathon

“i just can’t wait to be king” - misty

i'd say a pretty solid set of shenanigans happened last night... Congrats Kelley and Beni!!!

#throwback to that one time i ran by the #riverGaronne in #bordeaux and i felt like i was flying because #sealevel ...#fastforward to today when i went to #orangetheoryfitness and felt like i was dying because #milehigh #altitude
greater part of 2 weeks spent at sea level has ruined me 😣

gorgeous day wandering around bordeaux ❤️❤️❤️ life's hard when you don't have bailey around taking pictures for you 😆

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