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Kris Rhodes  Fit Athletic SD CSUEB Alumni B.S. of Kinesiology Crossfit Invictus Bodybuilder trying to do Crossfit Email: krhodes.fit@gmail.com

One way ticket to PR city 😎. First attempt for a clean and jerk PR (still a clean PR). Second attempt you can put it on the board! Good things come to those who hook grip. Diiip-Drive! @therealbrycesmith @lilrickyt_2
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"I been really blessed, I been really stressed. Feeling kinda fried but I still got success. What is success? Money and the clothes? Cars and the hoes? No, it's peace in your soul. Cuz all this shit don't matter when you're dead and you're gone. Only thing that matters is your last name strong...." **
"Purpose" Hi-Tone

Being of service to others. What life is really about. πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ€™

Some clips from yesterday's gnarly emom then 3 rounds for time. Oooouucchhh to say the least but feels amazing after. Just grateful to have another day to rise and grind with my crossfit community! Big shout out to @therealbrycesmith for helping me become more gymnasticaall! *
**21Min EMOM
*min 1: 15/12 cal AB
*min 2: 5 DB Burpee Step overs 55/35
*min 3: 30 Dubs+ 10 T2B
*** Rest to 21 the 3RFT
#hwpo #crossfit #paytheman #TBT #grateful #gym #motivation #fitness #functional #gainz #teamnomobility

The facial expressions say it all. Can't wait to get this shoulder fixed. Thank you Dr. Singh! See you in a few weeks.
#ouch #painface

Some Clean and Jerk tripples from this morning. Keepin it light and focusing on form. Bar moved well today, working on my T-SPINE mobility has definitely helped. Thanks for pointing that out @lilrickyt_2. Definitely has made a huge difference with cleans and snatches.
#teamnomobility #hwpo #invictus #gainz #crossfit #bodybuilding #workout #gym #fitness

"Its time to wake up cuz I gotta go get it. Money don't make it self. Don't need no help. I'm a one man team. I just do it by myself. I hit that road and I don't look back cuz I'm focused on the future. I put in that work till they spread my name like a rumor. Put in that work from late nights to early mornings." - Tyler J
#tgif #thegrindincludesfriday #workhardplayhard #motivation #fbf

"You don't have to be old to be a man." How do you handle adversity when it comes into your life? Face it straight up and don't let it bring you down. Stand tall and proud.
#tbt #eyesontheprize #truetomyself #paytheman #betterthanyesterday #hwpo

Another great Session with @jordangoll and @ericdlovett but had the honor of having Eric's dad join us. Talk about longevity! The man was a beast during the entire workout! A powerlifter back in his day with a deadlift of 640LBS at a body weight of 165LBS I believe! Either way I can only hope to be in that great of shape at that age with that energy!
#workhardplayhard #fitforlife

Just have to remember it's just you and the bar. Stay Calm and collected. Feeling privileged to have another day to wake up and train.
#flashbackfriday #fbf #crossfit #sandiego

Super stoked to see how the promo video came out for my "Big Lifts" class! With that being said come lift heavy bars repeatedly with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6am @fitathletic! Feel free to shoot me a message or email regarding further details!

Big shout out to @ninaiskristina for filming. Also two huge shout outs to my amazing co-workers @brandonlindfit and @kay_dayyy! If you need some additional gym motivation definitely give then both a follow!
See y'all tomorrow morning at 6am! Let's Lift Big! :@fitathletic @brandonlindfit @kay_dayyy
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Double KB thrusters during the p.m. session with @therealbrycesmith. These took a piece of my soul in that emom.
#24kgseach #crossfit #invictus

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