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Kelli Ray  Just continuing my fitness journey💁🏻 NASM CPT💪🏼 Aggieland Supplements💥 Faith✝ Family❤️ Food🍕 Fitness🏋🏻

First leg day back after the half marathon and I'm surprised I made it through! Lol thanks for working out with me this morning @chelsea_cheyne ! 💪

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Well Bri, WE DID IT! all of our hard work has finally paid off! We have never ran 13.1miles until today and I'd say we kicked ass! Im super proud of us and I'm so glad you talked me into running this race! Also, thank you to my parents and boyfriend for meeting me at the finish line, y'all are the best! ❤

This has probably been my biggest fitness accomplishment to date. Lifting has always come a little easier for me than cardio and before August I couldn't run even 1 mile without having to stop, so I'm pumped! But also, SO READY TO GET BACK TO LIFTING HEAVY! Definitely going to keep running though, because now I actually enjoy it! BSC half marathon, I'll see ya in 2019 with a better time! 💪💜😊 And as always, thanks to @aggielandsupplements for keeping me going! 🤗

Just because i haven't posted in a while, here's a gym selfie from Tuesday. 💪

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8 mile jog with my girl @briholt13 last night to end the weekend! We have less than 2 weeks until our half marathon... It's go time frfr 💪

Mom and I went on a lunch date and decided to walk around the mall! She knew I hadn't had jeans in a while, only jeggings and talked me into trying some on. The last time i tried jeans on from buckle, I had to get 36s or 38s, that were so tight, I think i wore them once and just ended up giving them to someone else because I was so upset with myself I couldn't take it.
Since then I've only had leggings or jeggings because I dreaded having to find my size in a store, let alone end up crying in a dressing room when I couldn't fit into the size I thought I should be.. WELL, my mom grabbed me a size 32 today and I looked at her like she was crazy... She talked me into trying them on anyway. As an associate from Buckle unlocked the dressing room, she asked what size I had gotten because she was going to get me a few more pair to try on, but looked at me kind of funny when I told her 32.

To my surprise the jeans fit GREAT and probably were a little big TBH but I don't think the 31s would do... Anyway, I was super proud of myself for this NSV! Then, the associate had brought me 2 pair of 33s "just in case"... Im not sure why but that really bothered me. So, moral of the story is:

1- I'm so thankful for a mom who is willing to make me try things that are out of my comfort zone and believes in me. Also, who is proud of any type of progress im making in my life!
3-If you are in retail, do not upsize someone because to you they look like they won't fit something that they picked out for themselves.. Let them try it on and ask you for another size of they aren't comfortable.

Lol shout out to who read the whole caption. You the real ones. 💪😘💜

Last night was one of those times when I didn't have a plan, I didn't really feel like training one particular muscle group. I just wanted to spend time in the gym, so thats what i did. I trained a little bit of everything, sat in the sauna for about 30 minutes and just took time to be in the moment and focus on what I was doing, rather than worrying about everything else going on in life. I loved it! 💪💜 Thanks to @aggielandsupplements for always providing me with the best products in town! If you haven't checked them out, you should do so! Also, mention my name for a discount on your purchase! 😊

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5k this morning was great! Thanks @kaitlynbrightwell for inviting me and thanks to my girl @briholt13 for running with me! Also a huge shout out to my parents for tagging along as well!! 💪❤😊

Did 30ish minutes of HIIT and Circuit work with my girl @briholt13 yesterday and then drowned in the sauna for a bit. Lol thanks for being a great workout partner and friend! 💪🤗 #aggielandsupplements #trufit #partnerworkouts #hiit #circuittraining #sauna #btx #mirrorselfie #girlswhotrain #girlswholift #girlswhorun #bestfriends #sweat #letsgetbettertogether #wegotthisshit #weightlossjourney

Man, I sure didn't realize how weak I had gotten until today.. (or how flat my ass has gotten 🙁) I have been trying to focus more on my endurance lately to get ready for the half marathon in December but I have SERIOUSLY been missing my time with the weights.. So tonight after working at the bank and then training clients at TruFit, I decided to take a little "me time" and get a little leg pump in.. I felt so defeated. I NEED to do better. Trying to find the balance in my fitness life is rough but I will eventually get it sooner or later. I want to be strong but I need to get better with my cardio as well so that I don't kick the bucket at this race.. Lol anyways, there's my vent session for today. Thanks for reading. 🙃💪 #aggielandsupplements #preworkout #legday #squats #deadlifts #legextension #tryingtogrowthisbooty #butfirstcardio #afterthishalfmarathonimdonerunning #ijustwannabefit #ijustwannalift #slowlybutsurely #goals #cpt

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