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Kandyce Kiger  Lovin' Jesus everyday

I'm home and I already miss hearing "Thank you Lord" every 5 mins. But honestly, thank you Lord for freedom. These women are like no other ..so courageous and vivacious. They all have so many talents that will change the world and never have I seen such genuine worship and love for God. I'm grateful for this experience and I know y'all were praying because we saw Jesus at work moving some heavy mountains. Thank you friends and Thank you Lord!

Soo I wanted to post this pic because I thought it was fun and it captures the excitement we have before we go to the bars and offer celebration and freedom to the women. But this picture was also taken before one of the hardest nights I've had. Tonight my heart broke because these girls and people are real. I can't really even explain in words some of the things I'm feeling but I want everyone to be so thankful for what they have. And I motivate you to dive in to what is happening in impoverished areas because you will see what a person needs to do survive. These people don't need pity but they need love and Jesus just as we do.
I wish I could put into words the depth of what I'm trying to say but please friends, just be grateful today.

Off I go prayers welcomed🌸
shirt creds: the incredible @lonumes

Thank you for a great impromptu bday party and a 20th to remember 🤗

My new sweet friend Salsabila aka Salsa also translated as "water from heaven" (All are accurate to who you are). I'm grateful I got to spend a week with you and fingers crossed that one day I'll get to go from 🇺🇸 to 🇲🇨and visit you and we can become llama jockeys together

I know I'm not your fav rider Pockets but geez🙄

Camp 2017...we'll put your mama on a llama🐐 #gilbertfamily

Trees and G's🌲

Happy birthday to this spicy bowl of salsa. Thank you for all you do and for cashin me ousside even when I'm difficult. Love you mucho and YOURE OFFICIALY 21 whoa🎉

African safari goals

Pretty thankful for the unnecessarily difficult math class that brought me to Fernando

When your teachers discover ratemyprofessor.com

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