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Kandyce Kiger  Lovin' Jesus everyday

This is the best part of it all, and it’s only the beginning ✨

Kittens, bunnies, and the best of all..GRADUATIONS🎓 I’m a proud sister to all.

The first of many parties for the beautiful women of Walking Street and it was🔥. Bar girls work hard and deserve a couple hours to relax, laugh, and be FREE

The process of Kayla and I trying to figure out how to make a Korean heart. Just trying to be trendy🤷🏼‍♀️

It’s my best friends birthday and I’m so sad I can’t be there to celebrate😭 But I’m glad you were born Riley because gosh I love having you by my side through the highs and lows. You are the BEST

Thankful that at least one of us made the cheer team #maybenextyear

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t catch waves in Az🌊

Why wait till you get to heaven to experience paradise?
I spend way too much time worrying about this short life when I could just enjoy the many moments of heaven on earth that are already here🤔

Conquering my fear of heights, but more importantly conquering my fear of exercise

I wasn’t going to do a New Years thing cause I think that stuff is dumb but 2017 was the best yet. This year, somehow an average person like me got to be a part of the extraordinary.
The highlight was definitely celebrating women in the red light district who don’t get the love they deserve. Dancing on stage with them in the bars was the best moment of my life. I also got an associates degree (who cares), And i even moved out for a hot minute.
But 2017 also had a lot of heartbreak..it really sucked at times.
The sickness of family members is the worst, and there was a fair share of other family tensions. Witnessing poverty tore me apart. Plus It’s been very hard having to part ways with a truly great relationship and an awesome person.
Weirdly enough the sucky parts were just as impactful as the highlights and I am grateful for way more than I used to be. None of this was to be expected..AT ALL. And as wonderful as it was, Kandyce isn’t the cool one in this story. Jesus is. So thank you to the God who I once thought was super lame for being so COOL. I’m sure 2018 will be far beyond my expectations once again.

2018..the year my brother finally let me hug him

Z Bruh🦓

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