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It really sucks cutting back on bluray shopping cause I now I don't have much to post anymore. 😒 I'm going to allow myself some bluray shopping from now on but I still can't go crazy. These are my three most recent pickups though!
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It's really interesting how Incredibles 2 doesn't have the same heart the original does, doesn't offer any surprises, and is quite predictable but the characters make it all so fun and delightful, making it worth the wait. It was so much fun seeing more out of these characters that I already love so much. I didn't realize how much I missed them. When that custom Disney castle logo started alongside the magnificent score, it genuinely struck a chord with me.

With all the characters I think Jack Jack and Violet stood out the most. Dash is still Dash and sadly doesn't really get the chance to shine in this movie like he did in the first one. Helen seems a little bit too perfect but Holly Hunter really does bring this charm out of her. Also, a lot of her action scenes are very creative and just pleasing to watch. Especially one in an enclosed space in an apartment which is so visually impressive, beautiful, what have you, I'm never going to forget it. Bob is really great here, seeing more of his need to relive the glory days was a lot of fun. Especially how competitive he gets with it and his actual jealousy of his own wife for it. Violet's boy troubles, the simplicity of it building from the last movie was just, mwuah. She definitely shined a lot more here while we watch her struggle between her personal and superhero life. I enjoyed Jack Jack more than I was expecting. I knew he'd be the comic relief of the film but I was afraid he'd be more obnoxious. Even though, at times Jack Jack can resemble other like characters, he was successfully funny and really adorable. I had a lot of fun watching him discover and play with his powers. As far as the new characters go, I definitely want to see more of Voyd. Her powers were so fun to watch during the action scenes.

The animation is outstanding. Just recently noticing how dated The Incredibles actually looks, this new and well done animation is so refreshing. A lot of the atmosphere had this real gloom to it which I really loved. I'm never going to forget that shot of an angry Jack Jack on fire by the pool side in the middle of the night. (CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)

I've personally only seen Soderbergh's Ocean's Eleven prior to this and Ocean's Eight just feels a bit too derivative of Soderbergh's. Although, Ocean's Eight lacks a lot of what makes Eleven good. There's no real tension in Ocean's Eight and to be honest, most of the characters just aren't interesting enough to really care. All you're really doing during the movie is spotting other celebrities you see. The cast sure is pleasing to watch but it's simply not enough to carry this movie.

Ocean's Eight doesn't flow like Eleven does and lacks the satisfying ending as well.

Oh boy, and the editing... 🤦‍♂️ If this were it's own thing I think it'd be a fine movie, not great, but it'd at least stand on it's own two legs. Unfortunately, it's not and it honestly doesn't even feel like anyone tried to make this stand out. This is my problem with Hollywood. If you want to make something truly great with a great group of women, stop with the hand-me-downs. Make something original that's truly special. Not this.

Ocean's Eight: ⭐⭐ 1/2 out of 5 •

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@twmg67 and I have been trying to watch a lot of movies together recently, either ones we both haven't seen or ones I haven't seen that he has and vice versa and it's been a lot of fun actually. It allowed me to indulge in some bluray shopping, which I haven't really done in months, so that's a plus 😁

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I've never really been the biggest Star Wars fan. My liking to their films has always been inconsistent and Solo: A Star Wars story is simply another film which will continue my unbalanced relationship with the franchise.

Firstly, I'd like to say that I quite liked Alden as Han Solo, I think he did a fine job. As far as new characters go, the only decent character was Beckett. I didn't much care for anyone else and I wasn't given much of a reason to. Although, at the end of the movie, it doesn't really even matter, you know you'll never see these disposable characters again.

Prequels like this simply don't work. I admire its focused and simple plot but there are no true stakes that make Solo: A Star Wars Story all that engaging. You're literally only here to see how Han got his start and that's literally it. There's little to no character development from him in this movie. You might get a few laughs here and there and the action scenes are actually quite fun but Solo: A Star Wars Story is simply mediocre. Star Wars being one of the biggest franchises ever, you'd wonder why they'd bother with such an unnecessary movie that doesn't offer much to the franchise. I mean obviously for the money but with how poorly Solo is doing at the box office, the joke is on them.

You'll get the expected scenes: where Han and Chewy meet, the first time Hans sees the Millennium Falcon, and the first time Hans and Chewy fly it together. You'll definitely know when you're watching those scenes by the extremely loud and reminiscent music that plays over it to remind you of how special this moment is like if you didn't already know.

Simply put, Solo: A Star Wars Story is nothing more than mediocre and quite frankly, just a bit boring. There is such a thing as too much of anything and with the overwhelming amount of Star Wars movies to come, the franchise opens itself up to more films that just aren't that special that bring nothing to the table. Surely they can't expect every film to be a hit.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: 2/5 •

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Upgrade is no perfect movie, it has its flaws, but it sure is a breath of fresh air among its company at the box office. It's fun and delivers with incredibly gory violence.

It suffers from some tonal issues but I found myself smiling a lot and overall I had a good time. Some of the writing could use some work, especially the dialogue, I also can't say Upgrade is completely unpredictable. There was also something about the ending that felt kind of messy to me, I can't really explain it though.

The action scenes sure are incredible. The camera movements really lure you into the action and Grey's horrified face make it all the more fun. I do think its best action scene was its first which I mean, you want to save the best for last, but Upgrade sure does always deliver on its gore.
Its story, aside from the familiar revenge plot, is actually quite terrifying in terms of futuristic technology and artificial intelligence. Instilling that fear a lot like a Black Mirror episode would actually.
If you're looking for something to watch aside from all the franchise blockbusters coming out, Upgrade is definitely worth watching.

Also, if you haven't seen any trailers for this movie, I'd stay away from them. A lot of the action is in them and you definitely want to save that.

Upgrade (74%) •

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Wakanda sometimes but definitely today! I couldn't help but pick this up today. I had such a great time watching it with @twmg67 back in February and I can't wait to watch it again 😁

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"Hey careful, man! There's a beverage here!" Watching The Big Lebowski today with @twmg67 along with a delicious White Russian 😄😍 #TheBigLebowski #CoenBrothers #JeffBridges #JohnGoodman #JohnTurturro #JulianneMoore #Steelbook #WhiteRussian #Kahlua #Bluray #BlurayCollector #BlurayCollection #Cinephile

I want to give a huge thanks to @twmg67 for getting me Molly's Game! It's my third favorite movie from 2017, after Lady Bird and Call Me by Your Name. I feel like I haven't seen enough people talk about this movie. I think it's a solid directional debut from Aaron Sorkin and of course his writing is phenomenal. Jessica Chastain is one of the best actresses working today without a doubt and I'm really excited to see her as Beverly in the It sequel. Thanks again baby, you're the best 😁😁❤ #MollysGame #AaronSorkin #JessicaChastain #IdrisElba #MollyBloom #MichaelCera #Poker #Bluray #BlurayCollector #BlurayCollection #Cinephile #Film

Last summer, literally in the middle of watching La La Land, I was offered the chance to take some piano lessons. I didn't think I'd be any good at it since I have absolutely no rhythm, but you can bet that I'm determined to learn my favorite song from one of my favorite movies ever. Considering, it inspired me to take the lessons to begin with. I still have yet to learn that intimidating ending but I plan on sharing it with you guys once I've completed it. 😊 Also, I didn't realize how loud my pedal was. 🙁

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I've finally gotten around to replacing my LED lights since my last ones stopped working, I'm really excited about it! 😄 Hopefully these last me.

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@twmg67 and I started our MCU marathon about a week ago to prepare for Infinity War. It has given me the chance to see the films I still hadn't seen like The Incredible Hulk and today's watch, Thor. I really wasn't expecting to like Thor all that much but it actually exceeded my expectations. Apart from the story that feels quite forced in some places, I had a lot of fun with it. I haven't heard very great things about The Dark World but I'm looking forward to finally crossing it off my list too.

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