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Mugsy and Banjo the Aussies  2 years old and living in AZ, I'm Mugsy, a red Merle Aussie and my brother Banjo is a rescued mostly Aussie heavily featured!


#TBT to me being the cutest study buddy in town. #cutedog #studybuddy #dogstagram #aussiepuppy Pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

Such a beautiful boy. Banjo has been doing so well with his leash manners.#banjosgotthis #stunningdog #trainthemdontblamethem #dogstagram My pawtners are as cute as me @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

I'm so good and gentle with rambunctious puppies. #corgipuppy #sweetdog #prouddogmom For adorable dog and puppy pictures check out my pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

Gracie isn't submissive her chase tactic is just to role every few steps. I have to leap over her or come to a full stop. Did anyone else use this tactic when they were pups? #corgipuppy #rollover #corgistyle Check out my awesome pawtners for cute puppy and dog pics @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

"Think what a better world it would be if we all-the whole world-had cookies and milk about three o'clock every afternoon and then lay down with our blankies for a nap. Or if all governments had as a basic policy to always put things back where they found them and to clean up their own mess.
And it is still true, no matter how old you are-when you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands and stick together." #robertfulghum #allireallyneedtoknowilearnedinkindergarten #banjosgotthis For adorable puppy and dog pics check out my pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_ Photo credit @thethreebcs

I had a blast this morning with my puppy friend Gracie. #corgipuppy #furiends check out my adorable pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

Banjo is not happy, about showing off his impulse control. #cmondogcontrolyourself hosted by the epic @normthegsd @life_with_spunky @canine.karma.training #thatsmyfood #whatthefluff Check out my pawtners @marvelous_marble_ @the.lehning.project for adorable pics and videos.

I'm all ears! #goofydog #ballislife #australianshepherd Follow my adorable pawtners @marvelous_marble_ @the.lehning.project for awesome dog photos.

It's National Pet Fire Safety Day furiends. Here are some tips to keep safe!
1.Ensure responders know how many pets are in the house. Decals put on the outside of windows are great for this.
2.Use an Alarm service that notifies you in event of a fire.
3.Do not crate a dog away from entrances or in obscure locations.
4. Always have a collar with up to date tags attached.
5.Prevent a fire from occurring in the first place.
--Never leave objects on the stove to tempt pets.
--Turn off and unplug unnecessary appliances when you are not home such as curling irons and dishwashers, washing machines ect...
---Check all appliances for recall due to fire hazard.
--Never leave a pet unsupervised around an open flame
--Don't leave a glass bowl where sunlight can reach it on a wooden floor.
It's not always preventable, but please do your best to stay safe furiends! #nationalpetfiresafetyday For more Info on these tips check out our latest post on our blog link is in the profile. #safetyfirst #preventioniskey #keeppetssafe Follow my pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_ for cute dog pics.

After walking through the park we settle on the bench to people watch every morning. I couldn't be prouder of the progress Banjo is making. Thanks @thethreebcs for capturing our relationship in this shot so perfectly. 📸#banjosgotthis #trainthemdontblamethem #rescuedog #cmondogcontrolyourself adorable pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

Counter surfing rehabilitation stage: No Commands needed as I bake and ice 121 cookies. You bet I left the room and all the cookie goodness on the counter several times today. So proud of how far Banjo has come. He so often gets compared to Mugsy behavior wise, but that isn't really fair to him. Mugsy has had close to 2 years of socialization and training. Banjo hasn't even been home for a year yet. I can't wait to see what sort of progress he makes after 2 years home. #trainthemdontblamethem #comeondogcontrolyourself @canine.karma.training @life_with_spunky @normthegsd Check out my pawesome pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

Happy Birthday to my stunning pal Simba!Isn't it neat we share the same Bday? #birthdaydogs #furiends #sunsouttonguesout follow my pawtners @the.lehning.project @marvelous_marble_

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