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Quamane George™  🔥Teen Bodybuilder🔥 ▫16 Years Old ▫All Natural ▫YT: @k9.gains ▫👻: @k9.gains 🔰Official Account🔰 🔽Latest Youtube Video🔽


When We Want Mass But Still Want To Be Aesthetic There Is A Class For Us.. Its Called Massethetics. 💪

Pics From Today Looking Swole 💪 "Road to becoming best 16 yr old bodybuilder ever" #TeamK9

Best Collab Of The Season Just Went Down, Youtube Videos Will Be Released Soon go follow them too ( @mr_golden_17 , @ryan_muscle , @K9.gains ) We Killed It

I Will Show The World True Aesthetics #TeamK9 "Road To Becoming Best 16yr Old BodyBuilder"

This Is Only The Beginning...

The Mask 😤

🚩 In My Opinion I Prefer Regular Potatoes To Grow Stronger, But Lets See What Science Says 🚩

It’s an age-old debate: the sweet vs. the regular potato. Which should you be eating for maximum health?

They’re both nutritious, energy-rich tubers and ancient, honored foods whose cultivation stretches back thousands of years.
They both originated in Central and South America and have since spread throughout the world.
They both taste great and make a fine side dish.
Yet, botanically, potatoes and sweet potatoes are completely unrelated.
Potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) are in the Solanaceae family, related to tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant along with deadly nightshade. Plants in this family produce solanine, which is poisonous. So don’t eat the leaves or stems of any plant in this group, or potatoes that have gone green. Solanum phureja is a rarer, more wild-type species of potato cultivated in South America.
Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas) are in the Convolvulaceae family with flowering morning glory vines. Unlike potatoes, you can also eat the leaves of sweet potatoes, which are very nutritious & tasty 🤘
So at the end of the day, just go with what you prefer 😎😎

The package i plan on bringing for my next competition will be unreal 👻💪

Today Was Back Day💪
Tip For Developing A Good & Wide Back: Is Do Alot Of Lat Pull Downs And Rows 👏💪

Its Growing Season 💪😤 Btw Ignore My Face 😂😂😂#teamk9
I gained over 16lbs since my competition mostly just water and glycogen though but still good progress.

Good Morning World💪🌎 Hopefully I Will Inspire Some People Today 💪🐶

#flashbackfriday To 2 weeks out My Gains Were Still Kinda Full.
Hopefully Im Making History And Going Down As One Of The Best At 15 Years Old 💪🙏 #Teamk9

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